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3 New Special Agents Added In PES 2016 myClub – 26.02


Three New Special Agents Added In PES 2016 myClub 26.02

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Konami Official : PES 2016 has gone all intercontinental this morning with the addition of not one… not two… but THREE myClub Special Agents revolving around matches happening in far-flung corners of the world AND a hefty discount myClub coins giving players more chance to spin one.

Special Agent number one is a Copa Libertadores STARS agent featuring 58 players from those South American teams taking part in the competition. All the players within the agent are at least 75+ OVR rated and there’s around a 15% chance of spinning one of the 9 80+ OVR rated black ball players including C TEVEZ, G FERNANDEZ and VIUDEZ.

The second Special Agent – Flamengo vs Corinthians HEROES focuses around those that who play for, or have played for Brazilian juggernauts Sport Club Corinthians Paulista or Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. Among these players are veteran goalkeeper Julio Cesar who turned out for Flamengo from 1998 to 2005, and the legendary R. CARLOS (87 OVR) who played in Sao Paolo in 2010/11. A further 59 players join them in the agent including another 5 black ball players – of whom you have around a 10% chance of landing.

A final AFC Champions League STARS Special Agent revolves around the AFC Champions League which kicked off properly this week and features players belonging to teams from the Asian Football Confederation’s premier tournament. This agent contains a total of 130 players with around a 2.5% chance of spinning one of the three Black Ball contained within.

To spin these Special Agents, players can take advantage of a massive 80% discount on the normal coin cost with each go priced at just 50 myClub coins. Coins can either be purchased in the myClub store or given for completing various challenges in the game/mode. A list of these challenges can be found by selecting “myClub Completion Rate” on the “Statistics” screen and it’s well worth checking to see if there’s any you haven’t yet completed so the most can be made of the offer. There’s also good news for players who prefer to pay using GP. Although the price is still 10,000gp per spin, the GP reward awarded at the end of every Online Divisions match (excluding SIM) has been increased to 150%.

COPA Libertadores Special Agents can also be won in the two challenge cups which are available. The Online Challenge Cup takes the form of a Points Tally competition and requires players to accumulate 6 points from 4 matches against random online opponents. A second VS COM Challenge Cup pits players against four COPA Libertadores teams of varying AI level, awarding the agent if the player manages to defeat all four.

In addition to all this, a whole host of new managers from teams within the agents have been added to the myClub mode.

All three myClub Special Agents are available to spin now and will be running – along with the associated offers – until around 4am UTC on March 3.

Have you spun the agents? Who did you manage to get? Let us know in the comments below, or on Konami official Twitter channel.

The COPA Libertadores STARS, Flamengo vs Corinthians HEROES and AFC Champions League STARS are available from 9am on February 25 to 4am on March 3. They are available on both the full and free-to-play versions of myClub on all available formats.


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