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PES 2016 Mvp77 Gameplay Patches (PC)


PES 2016 Mvp77 Gameplay Patches (PC) 3 Versions Release

Download PES2016 Mvp77 Gameplay Patches For PC

– More Aggressive AI
– Hybrid AI
– More Logical AI

These patches are for Konami PES 2016 v1.03.00 DLC 2.00 and their intent is to improve its gameplay.


Installation and use:

Use one exe plus one dt18 file togheter to have better results.
Different exe+dt18 combinations give you different gameplay styles.

Use MVPes2016v1.exe with dt18_win.cpk (ver.1) for a more challenging game or MVPes2016v3.exe with dt18_win.cpk (ver.3) for a more logical AI.
Anyway, you can try every different combination to find the gameplay that best suits your needs.

1) Copy the dt18_win.cpk file you want to use in “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\Data” folder and replace original file (make a backup if you want).

2) Extract the exe archive you want to use in “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” folder and replace the original files (make a backup if you want).

3) Run the game from the patched exe (for example, MVPes2016v1.exe)

*Important notes*

You don’t have to restart ML or any other competitions to use these patches.
You need 3DM files (included in all archives) to run the game from a patched exe.
You have to remove other no-dvd files.


Play Superstar level.

Try, play, enjoy! Grin

Mvp77 OK


DON’T ask questions like: “What did you change?”
There are 100+ changes only in dt18.

DON’T bother me with requests like: “Can you do this… can you do that?”
No, unless someone of you wants to rewrite the game…
Also, I’m not a programmer and I don’t have the time to do it.

Thanks to Ethan2 and all Oic testers!


  1. If Superstar level is easy for you and you want a challenge, MVPes2016v1 + DT18v1 is the best combo.
    If you want a slower, more rational game MVPes2016v3.exe + DT18v3.
    Otherwise, you can use the hybrid version (v2+v2) or try different combos…
    You have only to try. :)

    • Mvp77, do you touch in refrees? Any change about tolerance in fouls?

      Your gameplay are excellent! :D More Logical AI is perfect for me.
      Thank you very much!

      • I don’t have the time or the ability to do all I would.
        Also, how many fouls animations you have in game…? Think about it?
        Only one (tackle). :)
        5-6 fouls in 10-15 min. match are enough (it’s like having 30-35 fouls in a 90 min. match).

  2. Pes 16 is very easy game…

    Yair, harlock or this mvp77 patch is nothing change…

    This game is easy…

    Patches make slow or fast gameplay,

    But don t change is difficult level…

    defenders is bad, attackers dont attack. All game 6-0, 7-0…

    easy and easy and easy again…

    • Did you try the Aggressive Mode (Superstar level)…?
      People who won every match now only lose.
      Try in competitions (particularly in away matches).

      • I tried in Máster League, with not a big team against regular teams, results were 5-0, 6-0, and so on. Once my players develop this will be ridiculously easy. Tried the version you said it’s harder, who were your testers if you say they only loose now, little kids?

      • Come to the forum, I think I can tweak some parameters just for you :)
        And if you’re still the winner, change sport…

    • In theory, but I have to warn you that combine the changes made in two different patches does not always lead to the results you expect.
      This is Konami world…


  4. Mvp77 i cant understand all this people ho say that your patch is easy.
    From what i understand they play one match and because they win they say is easy.
    I suggest to all this people to play master league super star level more than 10 to 15 matches so there con a play with strong and weak teams home and away and after we speak.
    Anyway i play always master league super star and i have to say a big bravo to you Mvp77 this patch is great.
    The only problem for me is referees.
    thanks alot.

      • first i install combo one bud i i dident like it.
        so now i play with combo 3 and is perfect.
        And i suggest to everybody to play 10-15 matches in master league super star level before they say that the patch is not good or easy

    • This is best gameplay I´ve tried so far, I agree there. But need some tweaks. First of all, I played more than 10 games before giving the feedback, with v1+v1 (supposed to be most difficult one).

      I don´t find fair what you say pnp about people feedback without knowledge. After all those games in highest difficulty, ML, with a low team, my worst result was a 3-0 against FC Barcelona at their home. All the other matches were 4-0, 5-1, 5-0, etc. Game is still quite easy depending on how you play (I play possesion style with agressive front presure).

      Goalkeepers has improved a lot, and my defence is much better now. That´s fine, but sometimes when you attack is like the opponents deffence leave you run between them without pressing or tackling. Opponents attack also is not as good as I personally wish, maybe is because I don´t let them have the ball too much, not sure about it.

      About referees, some tackles are like they don´t see them or they want to see blod, but I´ve seen (not sure if gameplay or just my impression) I have more faults now than before this patch. Opponents also have more faults, so quite happy with all, just would love a bit more hard deffence and attack from opponents.

      • Hola Fran Betancort, tu eras el que ibas por ahí por moddingway intimidando a usuarios verdad? Pues que sepas que a más de un amigo mío le has dicho que robaba material y que sepas que estás totalmente equivocado. Los gameplay de Harlok por ej, usan la base de nuestro antiguo GamePay PS4 Pacth…
        Necesitas que te dé un poco más el aire amigo, pasas demasiadas horas delante de una pantalla.

      • A más de un amigo? Todos son el mismo, Adrián Cañada, y te lo demuestro en privado cuando quieras. Tengo screens shots de todo lo que ha borrado. De hecho me extrañaría que no seas tu otra vez haciéndote pasar por otro. A ti y a tus amigos más que el aire mejor que los vea un doctor. Si no pregunta por que lo votaron aquí y en varios sitios más. Y no fui el único que lo denunció.

      • Dear fran first of all it depend of how good player is somebody for example maybe your match better player than me that’s the why you think is easy or maybe is the formation you use, you say that you play possession and i play counter attack.
        Anyway i play with man utd i win all my games easy 4-0 or 3-0 but i loose easy from Liverpool 4-0 away and 2-0 from man city bud you can say that it was end my day or i was not lucky.

  5. I agree in part with them. I gave more freedom to human player and limited the AI cheating. It was my choice, I’m not as good as them. :)
    Anyway, who thinks Aggressive patch is easy can try the edited file I have posted in Pes-Patch Forum Thread.
    Go to PES Patch Forum › PES 2016 › PES 2016 Editing Section › Patches › PES 2016 Mvp77 Gameplay Patches (PC) (pag.2)

    • That hardcore version is almost perfect. Tried it and after some matches I can say the AI defence is much more better now. Not so easy now to win like a tenis set.

      • Some teams only play the ball with their back players and seem don’t want to attack, for the rest is a great work that hardcore version.

      • Exe v1 + hardcore cpk, AI gets much more intense and fight more. Not so easy to run around. Only lack a bit more of AI attack.

      • Konami calls it “Possesion Game”…
        I tried to break the “chain” (transition -> build_up -> attack_center or attack_side, etc.) they build in the exe, but there are only little improvements…
        It’s the same story… if you want a different game you need to write a new code starting from scratch.

  6. First of all: Thanks to Mvp77 for his patch!

    I am using Harlock Patch 3.2 .exe + Mvp77 Hardcore Gameplay .cpk, to me this is the perfect blend.

    • Usually this happens because you didn’t update the game to 1.03 or you had other no-dvd files.
      If this is not you case, maybe W10 or some security software are blocking the file… try to run as admin.

    • Because everybody wants his own gameplay…

      Hardcore v1:
      +AI defence
      +AI attack level

      Hardcore v2:
      +AI defence
      +AI attack level
      -press rate
      and a different AI defence “delay type”.

  7. I suggest to all of you to read what I write in the threads (Pes-Patch, EvoWeb, OiC) to understand what we’re talking about and avoiding you useful considerations…
    A single person can not do the work of a software house.
    I can’t rewrite the game, I can only try to improve something. ;)

    And don’t talk me of Yair patch…
    He changed only 13 bytes on a 40.5MB exe!
    You’re playing with Konami exe + my DT18…

    • I think there are improvements in all patches.
      Choose your difficulty level:
      v3+v3 Moderate
      v1+v1 Hard
      v1+Hardcore Very Hard

      but you can try different combos too…

      • Dear Mvp77 for one very good player witch combo you thing is the best?
        And please can you do something with referees?

      • Dear Mvp77 i want to say that, i play master league super star with man utd i win all teams some of them easy bud when i play with Liverpool i always loose very easy some times 4-0 or 6-0……… and i can’t understand why.

      • Why can you easily win sometimes?
        You have to consider stats and players form…

        I finally had time to test v3+v3 yesterday (just a couple of matches) and in the first one (15 min.) AI did 4 fouls.


        24 fouls if you play a 90 min. match.

        What we lack are the animations and a greater variety…

    • As Mvp77 said, player stats matters, their form, team spirit is also important. I also noticed in this PES that you can’t win always with same positioning and tactic. You need to adapt your team to the opponent play style. I found that despite I play possession, some matches I need to play counter attack to have options to win, you also need to use different defence and man marking sometimes depending on how opponent plays. Check how Liverpool is playing and adapt your team accordingly. In my case I won easy against Barcelona and Madrid in La Liga, but against Sevilla and Malaga was a nightmare and needed to change my style to win 1-0

      • I agree with you i try many things till now the problem is that i didn’t find the right one.
        Anyway thanks for your advice.

      • Exe V1 and Hardcore cpk

        That´s best version I´ve found, and AI now suppose a challenge, I used to play with front line pressure always, but now AI is more agressive and sometimes I need to go back and just wait for them if I don´t want to run after the ball all time.

        Some small teams are difficult while some big ones aren´t, and viceversa, but just like in real life, depend on players form and team spirit plus how you prepare the match. Also depends on how lucky the keeper is that day, I had a match where I shot about 15 times to score 1 goal, the keeper saved even some 1 on 1. Amazing!

  8. I have uploaded hardcore v3; it is dt18 v3 + hardcore v2 tweaks. I think someone who uses dt18 v3 can be interested… but my favorite combo is Adrian Canada exe + Yair dt18 + Harlock GK patch…
    The best! ;)

  9. As we said in the previous days, someone thought that normal combos were too easy, so I tweaked AI defence and attack to be more aggressive… Try, you can like it or not.
    I gave you more possibilities… :)

  10. Dear Mvp77 yesterday you say that you try combo v3+v3 and you win some fouls, i play 8 matches with v3+v3 and believe me i win in all games not more than 8 fouls.
    I don’t now if am doing something wrong but is truth.

  11. AI did fouls when you dribble or change direction… or maybe when you defend the ball.
    But the real problem is that there are no fouls animations.
    Konami doesn’t know what fouls are.
    And If I have some time to work on the exe I probably work on other things…

  12. So there are 6 different dt18 versions? What do I do for hardcore gameplay? Exe.V1 and Hardcore DT18 V1? Pls respond. Thanks a lot

  13. It’s ok, but you are not obliged to use v1+v1.
    You have to use one exe plus one dt18 hardcore.
    Make some tests, then decide what combo is your favorite.

  14. None.
    The game I want it has not been invented yet.
    Do you think I have worked 40 days if I wasn’t desperate … and still I have not achieved anything.

    • Hardcore files making AI generally more aggressive (both Defence and Attack); the attack settings are the same in v1 and v2. You have something new in v3.
      In the v1 you have a more aggressive defence.
      In v2 and v3 less press rate.
      A comment with some details on my work is “awaiting moderation”… you can be read it shortly…

  15. If you want more detailed info maybe it’s better you look the threads on Pes-Patch forum, EvoWeb and, if you understand italian, OltreilCalcio.net (here you can follow the process step by step)…
    Anyway, in MVPes2016v1 (Aggressive) I worked basically on build_up (possession) and shoot trying to make AI more unpredictable.
    I continued the work on MVPes2016v2 (now the Hybrid), trying to make AI more “open-minded” and less precise in front of the goal…
    In MVPes2016v3 I started from scratch, making changes in other areas of the exe (in particularly on floating points).
    But it is in dt18 that I did most of the work (completely rewriting Konami files).
    There are hundreds of programmers who can do much better then me on the exe, but I think now I’m the only one who can use dt18. ;)

  16. I hate this game by now and I’m much more critical than you about my work, but I have to admit that MVPes2016v1 (Aggressive) and DT18 Hardcore v3 is not bad… spread the word. :)

    • Ok am con a try it.
      But whats the different with this combo? i ask because to try one combo i have to play at list 10 games each time, so if you tell me some details is con a help me a lot.

  17. Dear Mvp77 I try some combos from your patches but am comfuse.
    Anyway i thing that you made the best patch so far and i thing that soon am con a find the perfect combo for me and i let you now what am thinking about it, for the moment as i say before am a bit comfused and i can’t tell you me what am thinking with details.
    And i now that you can’t do nothing bad the only think am sure is that the referees is not good.

  18. In MVPes v1 AI is more unpredictable in attack; I remember I worked on build_up basically…
    Technical details on OltreilCalcio thread…

    • Sorry, but I don’t want to rewrite everything from the beginning…
      Sometimes I give some explanation on PesPatch forum or Evoweb, but I’m really tired.

  19. I try combo MVPes2016v1 + DT18 Hardcore v3 is very good.
    Maybe a bit hard for me or maybe i have to use it by playing more games.

  20. Hello Mvp77,
    This combo gameplay is functional with any patches? Example: PTE patch? Or Smoke patch? Thank you for you answers…

  21. Best patch ever, exe V1 + Hardcore V3 is amazing, finally big teams are difficult to beat, they can beat you, and some small teams are a real challenge too. Thanks for making this game playable.

    • I will not make any patch for 1.05.
      I’m sure I can improve the game further, but not as I want.
      So there is no reason to waste any more time.

  22. one change that imho would really improve the game further is a comprehensive chants pack, I mean 1 that includes at least the complete roster of teams from BBVA EPL/BPL BUDESLIGA LIGUE 1 SERIE A….or a detailed tutorial of how to convert import/install chants, brcause the default chants set are a jole for most of the teams and lets down even a heavily converted modded game badly because NONE of the main patches have this urgently needed modification, instead we have 1000’s of ballls and more and more faces etc…..

    not sure may of double posted by mistake///sorry about that if such is the case


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