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PES 2016 Mod Pack Stadiums 2.0 Only For PC Quality Low by Estarlen Silva


PES 2016 Mod Pack Stadiums 2.0 Only For PC Quality Low by Estarlen Silva

Download MOD Pack Stadiums 2.0 For LowQuality PC

* Beautiful Graphic for PC Quality Low
* New Pitch fixed for PC Low, before in Pack Stadiums 2.0 the pitch PS4 not is compatible for Graphic low, now have one PITCH exclusive For Graphic quality LOW
* HD Skies for Low Graphic
* New Pitch Line
* Real Pitch


How to install:

First Pack has the Stadiums 2.0 downloaded or installed, now check what Stadiums you are using or will use,

Stadiums Europe or Stadiums Brazil South American or stadiums Asia Indonesia.

If using the Stadiums Europe, in their DepfilelistGenerator should look like,



If using the Stadiums BRAZIL South American, in their DepfilelistGenerator should look like,



If using the Stadiums Asia/Indonesia, in their DepfilelistGenerator should look like,



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Thanks !!!

Here: PES 2016 Pack Stadiums 2.0 By Estarlen Silva


  1. awsoome work estralen only one thing if you can release something to fix editing fc barcelona home ground is locked

  2. The Stadiumedit.cpk does not work correctly with this patch. If you you add to the dpfile than you can change the home ground of barcelona etc but then the game will hang when you try to play in stadiums like la roseleda (malaga). if you add the stadiumedit.cpk, make the change, save, remove it and load again then barce ground gets locked and reset to stadio olympico or britannia stadium.

  3. Hi Shane: I have posted a new tutorial about how to do it in Pespatches Forum .. Have a look in PES 2016 tutorials section .. regards..

  4. thanks jesus i search didint findt it …..pliz linck
    i thinck your talck about the old methoddidnt work with this new pack espasially campnou

  5. i have problem the ground is too dark and not bright green except juvintus stadium ? how to fix this problem?

  6. This mod don’t work for me i have pc in low quality stadiums are still in ps4 pitches it is incompatible but when i set it in medium quality pitches look great but the gameplay is very slow please help !!

  7. Hello bro, can you made stadium nasional bukit jalil? it’s malaysia’s national team stadium,made for us please


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