1. Great faces! but i dont know how to enjoy the faces since in my pes there are no players like borthwick jackson, riley, rashford and fitouri. could you tell me how to install a face on a player that we created via the create player in edit mode?

  2. can anyone tell me how to include these young players in the manchester united squad? pte patch does not have most of these players

  3. Yes, i agree it’s great faces! It would be great if you can tell us to install the face via create player in edit mode :)

  4. mo ha facepack it doesn’t work with pte patch. why? what patch is work with mo ha facepack?

  5. Mo ha pls i use smoke patch and varela, johnstone and goss didn’t seem to work but the rest did fine and pls if u would explain step by step of ow to add riley, Rashford, keane, fitouri I’d really appreciate


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