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PES 2016 Man United Ultimate Facepack by jovkane


PES 2016 Manchester United Ultimate Facepack 23 Faces

Download PES2016 Manchester United Ultimate Facepack by jovkane

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This face pack includes 23 Manchester United Players’ faces that I have handpicked and compiled based on the likeness to the players in real life:

Ander Herrera

Andreas Pereira

Antonio Valencia

Ashley Young

Adnan Januzaj (on loan)


De Gea




Jesse Lingard

James Wilson

Luke Shaw



Phil Jones

Paddy McNair






Victor Valdes

Preview Pictures zip folder : http://sh.st/b6SJe

Most faces were converted from Pes 2015 and I chose the best faces available.

Hope you will like it. Thanks!

NONE of these faces were made by me nor owned by me. I simply compile them into a pack.

ALL credits go to the amazing facemakers below.


Mario Milan









And all other facemakers out there!


  1. I can’t find any good ones that actually look better than the original face in the game, that’s why I left him out. The original one looks good tho. Cheers!

  2. hi jovkane.. can u make beckham face n hair collection start from season 2003/04 for pes 2016 .. I hope u can make it please I beg you..

  3. You can’t have two patches clashing with each other. You have to unpack the cpk file of PTE patch that contains all the faces then you need to unpack this facepack’s cpk as well then copy the files into the unpacked PTE patch folder and then repack the PTE into a cpk once again then it will work. I know it sounds like gibberish to you but to sum it up, its a hastle. Best way is that the PTE patch developers include this facepack and release an update for their patch. That way its easier. Cheers!

  4. Its like that bro… when the facemaker made it I think he couldn’t change the colour of the body and i don’t you can but i chose it tho because it looks really realistic!

  5. Beckham?? If I find any I’ll make one hopefully and I would be willing to because I am a MU fan myself. But currently I am still working on making facepacks for all EPL teams.

  6. adi, I managed to find 2 faces, decent ones there are four actually but the other 2 are quite bad. Do you still want it? Its just 2 but the 2 have different hairstyles. I can try to convert it to make it compatible to PES2016 because they are from PES2015 and 2014. But no guarantees tho because some files just don’t wanna work on Pes 2016. I have had a lot of problems converting so far. Probably I’ll get it done tomorrow maybe. Cheers!

  7. Do you have a patch installed that may cause the problem. As for schweinsteiger I said in the previous comments that i couldn’t find one that was better than the original face and kroos i don;t think I’ll be doing it anytime soon because I’m too caught up with EPL teams.

  8. adi sorry to disappoint you but it didn’t work out both faces weren’t compatible. Let’s just hope some facemakers actually make one for Pes2016..

  9. jovkane, do you have facebook account ? i need some your advice.. tnx you are the best… ggmu

  10. i love your work jovkane …. it looks really realistic! can you make Jordan rossiter (liverpool) player and Cameron Brannagan (liverpool) .. Thank You .. :)

  11. powell face have only mouth and eye and doesnt have head..how to fix it ??and 1 more.who is the creator rooney face??


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