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PES 2016 License Patch Data Pack 4.0


PES 2016 License Patch Data Pack 4.0

Download PES2016 License Patch Data Pack 4

Features :
Correct names and logos Teams Premier League and Sky Bet League.
Correction Kit Premier League teams and leagues Sky Bet.
Added Kit 2016/17 season for some teams.
Added scoreboard Copa America 2016 .
Added new leagues Badge.
Added new Start Screen (Euro 2016).
Added new Ball Pack + Ball Copa America 2016.
Installation instruction within files
The next version update will be In the the squad for Euro 2016


Credit : PTE patch Team, Cronos, danyy77, ppaaggpp, SG, MT GAMES 1991, YastRin, Sadra_55, IDK ,Nemanja, Konami.

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  1. If you are in the app (dpfilelist) Select Data Pack 3 as well. Data Pack 4 is activated.

  2. Sorry but I dont understand the point ‘Folder (download) a copy of the game installed’. I have to replace something?

  3. Ok I replaced 2 folders as instruction says but when I turn on PES I see an information that ‘unable to load because data is from different version. Download new contents to update data’. What can I do?

  4. I putted download in Program Files(x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\ and save in c\users….but still the same.

  5. Amazing patch its 2016/2017 kits for all clubs!! i mean chelsea exactly its awful i wish we see it compatible with online soon. :)

  6. You once to delete the entire patch
    Install version 1
    Put the download folder in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download
    and than put the save folder in:
    C:\Users\[your name here]\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save

  7. @ramin_cpu do you try to tell me I have to delete the patch I have now to have clear PES version? And then what? What do you mean ‘version 1’? I’m afraid I don’t understand well…

  8. please can u tell me where can i find the same patch for XBOX360 ??? please help ??

  9. what u do with gameplay, all AI team play all defender, and what happen with default scoreboard
    thanks man
    p/s:v1.1many name wrong :)

  10. I need premier league and skybet kits and logos, is this file compatible with pes16 uefa euro 2016 patch 1.05 datapack 4.00?

  11. now i am trying to install pes 16 patch,
    i already have original konami 4.0 datapack which contains uefa euro.
    is this patch compatible with this data version?


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