Home PES 2016 Scoreboards PES 2016 La Liga 2016-17 Scoreboard New Design by JesusHrs

PES 2016 La Liga 2016-17 Scoreboard New Design by JesusHrs


PES 2016 La Liga 2016-17 Scoreboard New Design by JesusHrs

Download PES2016 La Liga 16-17 Scoreboard New Design by JesusHrs


– Jenkey1002
– sxsxsx
– Barys
– ElPocho96
– mb_force
– ljq12697
– Txak


  1. Hola: el archico esta correcto , probablemente el problema sea el descompresor que usas .. prueba con winRar5 o similar …saludos (por si acaso bajatelo de nuevo antes)

  2. Hi: it´s not normal .. put the cpk ( only one of them) in last position in your DpFileList.bin and regenerate it … Regards

  3. Nice work, but you should add white logos for the LaLiga2 also. Actually on the Master League the logos are mixed.

  4. Great work master! But I have a question. I saw that you posted another La Liga scoreboard. Which is the real one? I mean which one is used in reality?

  5. Hi: This one ,at least it has been used for all TV on the first day of La Liga and until last Saturday was not seen in any transmission, the other is the official for La Liga world Challenge used in pre-season … regards

  6. Thanks friend , but I think it is preferable try to make scoreboards for all leagues possibles ,and sincerely , I do not think I could improve it , it have a fantastic realism and quality… Best regards

  7. thaanks JesusHrs ithinckyou should rest now and wait for pes17
    we need you so badly next year

  8. Hi: hummm ..yes , it happend because I never heard ths comments and I always forget test it :( .. anyway in the two lastest versions added in download post ( Dolce Sports and BeinSport La Liga) the problem is fixed .. I´ll try to fix it in rest of versions if I have time ..best regards Sasha ..

  9. Ha Ha .. I think you will listen , this summer has been very hot in my country and I could use a few weeks off to recharge batteries .. See you in PES 2017 ¡¡ (I hope it..) .. best regards friend …

  10. Make 2016-17 Scoreboard All in one for all leagues possibles. Plz, thanks in advance.

  11. I have only 2 suggestions: there is the EPL logo in the right bottom missing and if you could resize the teams logo in the score plate

  12. no, thanks to you for FANTASTIC work that u are doing :) try to do Copa Scoreboard… :) thanks :)

  13. Hi chakib: to extract the files in PNG format use the PES File Explorer 2014 version of Jenkey1002 .. you can find it here …
    Simply open the cpk with the tool and “export” the image files in PNG format .. regards

  14. HUmm sorry , this is not right: first open the “ckp” with the tool “PES Next gen CPK file manager” … download from here:
    Open the CPK of the scoreboard and click with right bouton over the bin files and select “export APK” .. and now , you can open the APK´s with the file explorer tool and export the Files to PNG format ..regards
    NOTE: not all the bin files are APK texture blocks …

  15. Hello HRS, I want to learn how to make scoreboard…
    Please teach me how to do that I really need it.


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