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PES 2016 Indian Super League 2015 Patch


PES 2016 Indian Super League 2015 Patch by Arunabha 

Download ISL PES 2016 Patch

ISL Patch for PES 2016 Features:

– Original Logos
– Original Kits
– Original Kit Numbers
– Original Coaches
– Original Roster



1. Extract the folder ISL PATCH.rar
2. Paste the contents in Documents Folder
3. Overwrite when required


  1. Great start man,but dont get discouraged if less people download this patch, i think many people are interested but they would download it only when it would be COMPLETE (along with faces)

  2. you work great..but please can you tell me where to copy this???….because i did not found any document folder in pes 16….please help me….

  3. Great buddy. Make it more awesome by adding faces (if possible )

    Make a merger of i-league and isl or both

    Conplete all the current transfers of other leagues too !

  4. Is it compulsory that edit0000 is there in the game cuz I ve deleted it for pte patch 5.0


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