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PES 2016 Hard Gameplay 1.03.02 by Harlock


PES 2016 Hard Gameplay by Harlock with v1.03.02

Download PES2016 Hard Gameplay 1.03.02 Ready by Harlock

Compatible with PES 2016 1.03.02. Compatible with all patches.

New version coming soon, better mirrors too.


  1. Hi: Be patient ..after two or three reacheds (sometimes no one) you can ever download the file ..it´s a little annoying but , each patchmaker have is own download server … is what it is and I think we must respect it ,..regards

  2. may be i did not explain myself…on the very first attempt it say the maximum download amount is reached…what is it?some kind of joke???

  3. Administrators remove my 2 latest patches. PES 2016 Hard Gameplay 1.03.02 by Harlock,PES 2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.3 With 1.03.02. I made a mistake.So excuse me.In the near term fix.Thank you for understanding!

  4. i made a test with a game Bayern-Borussia mc. i was bayern
    in default 4:0 16:0 shots
    in this patch 2:0 9:3 shots
    so good job.
    i play with pte 4.1 patch
    i was good in corners in default 1 gol
    in this patch one post.

  5. Comment:
    the dtw18 ok but the exe no working
    the exe 1.06 for konami is working fix it plrase harlock

  6. unfortunately it is not compatible with new tattoo mod for 1.03.02
    can you please arrange it that it work with tattoo mod please :)

  7. Yes I understand.Once I brought to the minimum amount for a withdrawal I change Filesharing.And before that, not for long.Thank you for your waiting and understand.


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