1. Yair,why not put tutorial how install your patch ???

    First you install PESEdit then move downloads folder from Program Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to main PES 2016 directory.
    Select vers.1.6 original exe. Then unpack yair gameplay.

    Corect,yair ?

  2. yesss i agree dude. finally this patch itss very so good, game is much harder to play awesomee very balance all nice and difficult for AI . THANKS YAIR this is the best version for now (Y)

  3. Hi Yair.. I think speed in the game is perfect and all physics but we score to much goals because ball is to fast and the goalkeeper is to slow.. I wish that you correct this.. Sorry for bad english..

  4. Hello Yair.
    For me sometimes is very easy to score and some times is very hard i thing it depend of how good is the goalkeeper (like reality)
    Now i said that many times any am going to said it again for me referees is big problem, i what to win fouls, penalties and also com players to get yellow and red cards.

  5. Μany people say that is very easy score or that defenders are not good or that they win very easy or……….
    I play super star level always with man ute in master league anyway for me some times is easy to win some times is very hard for example if i play with Liverpool is very hard some times.
    I now that you play super star to, and i want to ask you what do you think about this

  6. Another problem,i play superstar with original pes2016.exe,after i delet original exe and play with yair but gameplay is identic,very strange yair,NO???

  7. No diference,how make Yair this “gameplay”,i see nothing changed,play “superstar” original,after play “superstar” level with Yair and see !

  8. This version is easier than 1,5 o.O Playing on top player Barcelona vs Bilbao 11minutes match 4:1 13 shots on goal when they get just 3 chances


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