Home PES 2016 Patch PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 30.10.15 by Yair

PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 30.10.15 by Yair


PES 2016 Gameplay Patch v1.5 Update 30.10.15 by Yair

PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 30.10.15 by Yair

* core gameplay patch 1.4 adaptation for official patch 1.02 by konami
* with camera slider enabled version added
* everything from core 1.4 are inside the new core 1.5


Password: yairpatchcore


  1. chrome-extension://bigefpfhnfcobdlfbedofhhaibnlghod/mega/secure.html#!MR0hzSIK!eYuS6wmjYupzxjWKWF9uGGAR0K8DlsGvjkIvu11ObVg

  2. Hi Yair: for my taste ..simply perfect…among other things the rhythm of the match is perfect..I play at -2 …This way you can think and develop the plays perfectly…The gamepad have a answer pefect, without bugs…The IA gameplay is great..Only the goalkeepers continue a bit asleep…on the whole the game play is the better until the moment…thanks so much¡¡…
    (sorry, but the previous version was horrible.. :) )

  3. and the ball physical for me,is really great..you must to control it ever before play it..like in the reality..other way you lost it…Fantastic¡¡..Thanks again…

  4. Dude soo much thanks…. I searched whole internet for 3DM 1.02 and then u said same will work!!!! God bless u!

  5. I was skeptical about modifying original gameplay, when when i first used your coregameplay 1.4 , there was no going back. Keep up the good work!!! If u can please make the goalkeepers more agile!!!!

  6. for camera Sider 2.3 For PES 2016 by juce i try setting

    pitch side
    adjust Zoom = 0
    Height = 18 0r 19
    Angle for= 9


    adjust Zoom = 0
    Height = 20 0r 19
    Angle for= 9

  7. You get something that makes the game even better than the Konami release, that too for FREE, AND you complain. Such a shame.

    The maker takes time and effort in making stuff like this, and people like you, I wouldn’t even doubt, would not care to ‘donate’ a penny even. So let him use this track to make some.

  8. thanks OK i will try this but yair patch always crash that’s for all or i have a problem in my PC

  9. the GK are very retarded, very, very or the shoots are to good, i play on manual all, and i don’t like it at all, i loved gamplaypatch 0.4, but it cant be played with PTE 2.0.. work on goalkeepers, please, shoot percent is like 7 shoots 5 goals..


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