1. When I enter the game via this gameplay, it says that I am short on memory to run it, and it becomes laggy, while when I enter the game via the original pes2016.exe , it runs smoothly.

    Any thoughts?

  2. The same happened to me. Do you have a dedicated video card? Because, if so, maybe you have it configured to run with PES2016.exe, but you have not configured it to run with gameplaypatch0.5.exe. You have to tell your dedicated video card to run with the patch.

  3. Yes they do, if you have an integrated and a dedicated at the same time. I, for instance, have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated, and a AMD Radeon HD 8700. For using this cards, AMD has an aplication called “sitchable graphics”- There, you hace to specify what card you want to use with which app. For a more extended explanation see:


  4. I have the PES 16 pc steam version game ,when i launch the game it opens and closes afterwards. Please i need help from you guys.


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