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PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core v3.1 by Yair


PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core 3.1 by Yair [27 June 016]

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch 3.1 by Yair

* all the changes from 3.0
* with this patch i’m trying to find the balance between the defensive and offensive parts of the game, it’s not easy but with your feedback it can be achieved (let me know if you like it).



  1. i tried 2.9,3.0 and 3.1 version of your patch, i think 2.9 more better and hardest than 3.0 n 3.1. so, i like 2.9 version.

  2. Started a new ML, first game was 8:1, second one was 5:1. (though against small clubs which promoted from 2nd division)
    With 3.0 Version it was way more challenging.

  3. increase the defensive side of the patch (more notably the GK and the awareness of defensive players) and it’ll be great. there should still be some resistance from weaker teams even if there is a big gap in quality and strength.

  4. played last night again with this patch and the things i mentioned above were evident. keep the core and work on making it difficult beyond the superstar level

  5. Olà Yair! I was giving up playing PES because of the ease was when I discovered your patch back playing. I played all the versions, but the best and difficult but, it was 2.9.
    I would ask you to do for DLC 4.0 a version 2.9, or that it be adapted to 4.0? I am Brazilian and I say that you did a miracle.

  6. How can we say the gameplay is good when im playing on superstar level and got 16 shots on target with no goals, the oppononent is on higher level than me , got 0 shots … i appriciate your work man, but you did to much changes, goalkeepers ale too good… i know it’s not easy to make a gameplay patch for pes… keep goin in pes 17, wish u all good man!


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