1. this is a gameplay patch..not a tattoo patch…if you want tattoes just play the version who work with it….i am more interested about gameplay than stupid tattoes and yair is really my last hope….

  2. this is the real thing..not yaku, alex, harlock and all the others…and about tattooes, you should know Suat didnt make the tattoo tool yet compatible with the latest konami exe…so …you cannot implement tattoes in any 1.04 konami patch!!!

  3. whaaaaatttt????this one is much better than 2.4…why you say 2.4 is better?….AI play really lovely football with this one..not the usual scripted Konami football…i wonder how and why you state that

  4. request tm patcher for custom gameplay patch to sxsxsx please…. wkkkkkkkwkwkwkkw

  5. This is GAMEPLAY patch..ok?can say anything related to gameplay only and not mention always these tattoes?it is really annoying!!!this patch suppose to be here for someone who want change gameplay..not tattoo…am i right?

  6. hey Michael67….does Yair and the Pes Patch pay you? you talk bad about other modders making gameplay patch that are better than Yair patch and say always Yair has the best….

  7. michael67…does Yair & Pes patch pay you to praise yair gameplay and talk bad about other modders who make better gameplay? you talk too much…

  8. i dont get paid to defend no one, i am not a lawyer, but you all, did you try it before saying something,Yair makes patches since long time, i tried this one and its something different from anything else i saw know.I can say my opinion without getting payed and i wonder if you all get payed to put toattoes in your game….

  9. Guys no need to fight, if you don’t like my patch just don’t use it or even download it.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi michael67, you don’t need to be sensitive man. calm down brother :) we are all same gamers and all of us want to play this game in order to feel like in real life though unlikely. To realize all of it we need sensible gameplay and tattoo patch. So please don’t blame each other, we came together to seek satisfaction in playing this game :)

    NB: it will be great if all the gameplay compatible with tattoo patch/tm_patcher. keep the good work yair and the other modders! Thank you for your work :)

  11. i calm down and i can express my opinion how i like.I say this patch is better than any other around now, and that is my opinion, or i cannot say that?….about who dont like, just do like yair say, dont download it, simple!…and about tattoos, we must give feedback on gameplay, stay on topic, not about tatto.

  12. Yair has reason! Here we make our gameplays, always with respect to other users. Yair´s work is good! but for example I make my gameplay with my point of view.
    You cand download Yair or my Gameplay, but always with respect friends… :)

    Thank you

  13. Alhamdulillah…this is great!!! btw, what patch do you use? i use pte and i’m afraid to install the new dlc since pte didn’t release new version to make it compatible.

  14. i talk about what i see and i try patches before giving feedback…or do i have to ask your permission if i don’t like someone else patch?…i just give my suggestion and i reckon i am free to do that.

  15. now i have great combination with this patch and sxsxsx tm patcher….. slow down everyone…… dont use your emotions


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