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PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 16 v1.01 For PTE Patch


Gameplay Patch 16 v1.01 For PTE Patch 5.1 by Yaku & IceTea

Download Gameplay Patch 16 v1.01 For PES 2016

* Compatible with PTE Patch 5.1
* Compatible with DLC 3.0 and Official Patch 1.04.
* Compatible with TM Patcher v0.5 by sxsxsx.
* Reworked gameplay settings with a Hardcore AI
* Goalkeepers and Referees improvements
* Speed in game fixed
* Minor Bugs fixes


How to install?
1. Extract the files
2. Copy the files to your PES 2016 Directory (C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016)
2. Use the PES2016.exe in this rar if you want to apply “TM Patcher v0.5 by sxsxsx”
3. Enjoy

– Yaku
– IceTea
– PTE Team
– sxsxsx
– Jenkey1002


  1. can be used in different patch? like pes galaxy smoke patch pes professional?

  2. Hola Yaku, por favor arregla la defensa, sigue funcionando mal. Fijate también que cuando apenas sacás del medio y corrés te podés pasar a todos facilmente y te dejan muchos huecos para pasar. Mejorá la defensa, hacé que presione más fuerte, y que se mueva con inteligencia, sin dejar tantos huecos.
    Muchas gracias por este nuevo parche, suerte.

  3. También noté, que cuando corres y estás presionado por 2 defensores, en vez de marcarte, se van para atrás facilitando el camino.

  4. Otra cosa es que muchas veces tira un pase la máquina y ve que no llega, y en vez de ir a presionar y tratar de ganar la pelota, se va para atrás, muchas veces pasa cuando se la doy al arquero y en vez de ir a presionarlo vuelve a su posición.

  5. i played using this it is good excellent work just make it more difficult AI make it hardcore difficult to score..overall great work

  6. I mean PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 16 1.00 by Yaku & IceTea
    Do I need this first ?

  7. Is it the same with PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 16 1.00 by Yaku & IceTea? Because i’m still using pte 3.1 and your previous gameplay. I mean is there anything new from this patch or only compatible version with the last update of PTE patch?

  8. This community of troll people do not deserve us to work on improving the game.
    I worked hard in this project with my friend but Im tired of u. We say goodbay.

    This is the end of Gameplay Patch 16

  9. yaku keep on doing your work there will always be compliments and criticisms we appreciate ur work and keep on doing this..dnt care about what some idiots say..shadow is in ur support

  10. The only idiot is you who stil believe this is genuine…if it really was genuine, i would be the first one to be happy…believe me

  11. You should know now i play an old game called we9le who have gameplay you can only dream about and a lot more difficult than this…for pc smartarse

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