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PES 2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.4


PES 2016 Gameplay Patch by Harlock 3.4 Released 26.02.16

Download PES2016 Gameplay by Harlock v3.4

Hello everybody! This patch tweaks features:

– CPU attack
– Referee
– Fould
– Dribble
– Match Time: 30m replace-20m, 45m replace-25m, 90m replace-30m (test)

depositfiles or mirror turbobit

Credits: Harlock 3.4


  1. In the forum he wrote that
    Attack CPU
    Compatible all patches.
    Compatbible tatoo.

  2. After 10 matches at superstar in ML I still see own goalkeepers take mundane goals.
    Probably to improve the responsiveness of the goalkeepers, you can only work on this skill?
    The gameplay is fine.
    I would like the referees a bit tougher with the team commanded by pc

  3. non hai ancora capito che sto qua ci prende per il c….?e lo testimoniano anche i servers che usa, esclusivamente per far soldi.lui apre il data 18, fa due cambi alla cazzo(che non hanno effetto e posta.tutto qui.e’ solo placebo.credimi.quindi n verdrai mai e poi mai portieri migliorati, tiri migliorati eccetera.e’ tutto e in tutto e per tutto come la versione di mamma konami.fidati.ciao

  4. Micheal lo vedo, ma l’alternativa quale è ?
    Buttare pes nel cesso per questa stagione e sperare nel 2017.
    I portieri non parano un piffero e gli arbitri non ne parliamo… o torno al 2015 su steam… ci sarà una patch ?

  5. I have no idea what have you done, but right now in every situation with offsides and fouls, commentaries said that it was dive! It bothers me. After installing your patch, game is better, but in my opinion this bug is very annoying. Please fix this

  6. Those servers are kinda crap, I think it’d be better if you upload the patch to Zippy, Mega or Mediafire.
    I haven’t tested this version yet, but the previous one was too easy. The gameplay was good and felt improved, but it was just too easy. Even in top difficulty, playing with random arrows and against better teams, was just too easy, I’ve lost two matches of the last thirty, always playing with a team a little weaker than the opponent. That’s the only failure I’ve seen with the previous one, hope it’s fixed now, you’re doing a great work.

  7. Hello :)
    That’s a really great patch. But, fouls and off-sides are called a dive no idea why was that, and the defenders still a bit stupid. Can you make a Fifa gameplay? Aggressive defending, slow ball, I mean it’d be fun, because Fifa has a better defending than PES. Thank you in advance!

  8. i think that hard gameplay is more hard that this one. i play on superstar and i think hard is better than 3.4. only have to fix commentary.


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