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PES 2016 Final PTE Patch 7.1 Unofficial by Leo Tarinha


PES 2016 PTE Patch 7.1 Unofficial (Last Final) by Leo Tarinha

The Patch PTE 7.1 is released on 1/10/2016 as a non official final update for the Full Patch PTE 6.0 for the PES 2016 game. This update 7.1 is created by ” Leo Tarinha” and special thanks to “PTE Patch Team” for the official Patch PTE 6.0.

Patch PTE 7.1 Final

Very Important: This Patch PTE 7.1 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 6. Also you don’t need PTE 7.0 because it is included already, you just need PTE 6.0. So you must first install the Patch PTE 6.0.

These are the new features and updates added in the Patch PTE 7.1 :

Correct Lineups + Formations for most of all clubs.
All New Transfers for most of all clubs.
Tattoos added (by B4byHuey)
White arms and error of appearance fixed.
Wrong or absence of Boots fixed.
New 100 Boots (by Wens).
FIFA 17 Graphic Menu added.
New Logos for Clubs (By Angga_Al).

tusfiles mediafire

These are the old features and updates included in the PTE 7.0 :

Premier League season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
La Liga season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
Serie A season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
Ligue 1 season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
Bundesliga season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
NOS League season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
Added new kits for: Boca Juniors, River Plate
New faces, including: P. Pogba, G. Bale, J. Rodriguez, L. Messi, Neymar, L. Sane + 70 other new faces.
Updated Coaches
New logos for all leagues 2016/2017 Season
New badges sleeve for the season 2016/2017
New equipment Shields for 2016/2017
Added new, balls & Glove season 2016/17
Fixed all accessories to all players
Updated All the pantillas of all teams for the 2016/17 season

To install the Patch PTE 7.1 Update please follow delchoc’s YouTube Tutorial video very carefully to avoid errors. You should first reinstall your PTE Patch 6.0 to avoid errors, also avoid adding Stadiums Pack by Estarlen. So If you face any error please try installing again the Patch PTE 7.1 following video steps. Also read carefully the texts written in the video below:

Video 1

Tutorial Video in Portuguese By Leo Tarinha:

Video 2

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  1. Leo Tarinha, are you here ?
    Do you update SKYBET team ? Ligue 2 team ? Serie B team ? La Liga 123 ? Eridivisie ?
    PTE only update Bundesliga -_-

  2. What should i do to remove the fiifa graphic menu?

    what is the right order in the dpfilelist.

  3. thanks for the patch but whats wrong with the lazio, fiorentina, torino kit?lazio using puma with siemens sponsor?fiorentina using fila?no update kit for torino?the kits update is not complete..most added faces are hideous..why bother add face to the default player that already had face?should instead add face to the new player or famous player that doesnt had face..i really appreciate the patch but please at least check it first before release it..thanks

  4. Good job, but many players without tattos (Fagner, Foro Flores, Coutinho, Pratto) and bootpack not inclued news boots nike, adidas, puma….

  5. Italy has two goalkeepers with o overall ability in pte 7.0 which is not fixed in 7.1 as well

  6. muy bueno el parche ,,lo único que falta actualizar es el equipo de Rosario Central no tienen el conjunto actual es una pena saludos

  7. this patch is far away from base pte 6.0, some kits are corrupted, wrong and missing number fonts for many teams (olympiakos, inter, leverkusen…) Overall good patch but nothing outstanding.

  8. Please fix barcelona and arsenal stadium, arsenal stadium in konami stadium and barcelona stadium is the emirates stadium

  9. Hello, i jus downloaded the pte patch 7.1
    I followed your youtube instructions
    However my game can’t load the edited game data, it says its from a version; what can i do to fix this?

  10. hello, i am getting an error
    my edited game data is not loading , says its from a newer version
    what should i do

  11. Can I use editor manager..
    Manager of Inter Milan still Roberto Mancini, I would like to change to Frank De Boer..


  12. this patch sucks so bad…
    why the hell barcelona play at emirates stadium?
    the menu was ugly.. the logo, uhh destroying my mood..
    some of the kit not updated..
    if its updated the color codes was wrong..
    some of the kit number not updated e.g. hull city (still using skybet number)
    if u want to make patch, make it nicely..
    if u r rushing it only would end up like this…

  13. The Liga NOS is not update at all, in the patch 7.0 all the tranfers are ok.
    Can you please fix it?

  14. Hey Leo can you answer me?
    I have a problem with my master league, i have a match in Europa League Fixture Second Leg 2016
    Then when kick-off starts the PES2016.exe force close
    Can you help me for this APPCRASH?


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