Home Editing Tools PES 2016 DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC 4.0 by Baris

PES 2016 DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC 4.0 by Baris


PES 2016 DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC 4.0 by Baris

Download DpFileList Generator v1.6 For DLC 4

Modified to support DLC 4.00, this is not official. Backup, run as admin and use.

Will be replaced with new one, when official version will be released by Baris.

Update: use the original v1.6 by Baris + DLC 3.0 from here and add in DlcDb.csv this:

5;DLC v4.0;dt80_400E_win.cpk;00;00;00;00;01;00;00;00;2C;01;00;00;A0;28;00;00


  1. Hey Hagi, you need to remove the post, this tool does not work correctly, when we open the game it closes .

  2. You cant play online with thiss tool, i am playing with default no patch, pTE also dont work online

  3. For your information.
    use Notepad for add dlc 4.0 in DlcDb.csv.
    it’s work for me.

  4. add this line instead:

    5;DLC v4.0;dt80_400E_win.cpk;00;00;00;00;01;00;00;00;2C;01;00;00;A0;28;00;00

    report feedback!

  5. added the extra line as advised but it still crashes after I try to generate a list. Then when I start the game, it says incompatible datapack. Help!

  6. Ok seems to be working now. Used notepad to add the extra line in DlcDb.csv. I used Excel before which seems to add extra commas to the line which fucks it up, and make the whole thing not work.

  7. This DP Generator not compatible with PTE Patch 5.4. When ı use this tool, PTE Patch 5.4’s all features are missing ( New National Kits, America Minerio’s kit etc. )

  8. Thanks for your helps, guys. Del Choc, can u please share America Minerio’s kit screenshot on game ?

  9. When im try generate DpFileList has stopped working with pes 2016 ver. dlc 4.0 and 1.05.00
    im have Win 10 64 bits and java, net framework updated
    please a solution.


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