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PES 2016 Crowd Effect v3 by River Jin


PES 2016 Crowd Effects v3 by River Jin

Download PES2016 Crowd Effect by River Jin Download Crowd Effect v3 For PES 2016 by River Jin

– added more animations (more actions, different motion)
– created new textures. (new clothes, edited faces)
– new style models (different fashion. and accessories)
– figured out combinations between textures and models.
– stuffs are improved and re-arranged for all weather.

uploaded zippyshare


  1. can u apply these effects to hi-res crowd mod by fruits….that would be fantabulous!!! anyways good mod!!

  2. Can you make it compatible with the professional patch? Because if I install this, i lose all the licenses and the stadiums. Thanks

  3. Hi River Jin,
    Thank you about this your effect!
    Can you make a giant Arsenal logo flag which’s in head fans instead of only color fans as you made!
    Thanks very very much

  4. Hi
    after Installing New Pes Galaxy version 2 DLC 3

    Pes Doesnt Show Crowd in Stadiums
    What can i do to enable Crowd again


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