1. Thanks,man credit to u and all the makers. Your work is a masterpiece in the World of PES Gaming.TQ so much, man.

  2. Work like a charm, and very nice boots. They look great, just miss the previous Messi ones and Lewandowski red ones. Nice job

  3. Can some one upload this file in other site? Please help me.. I can’t download anything from mega.. I really need this boot.. please help!!! i would be very happy if u can upload in another site apart from mega… Please

  4. Could you explain me what is the problem exactly you have not tried downloading another browser

  5. Can you please make that x primeknits that you made now but in the pack that had black/iron/metallic/solar/yellow collorway. I gues i did spell it right 😂 beacuse i am from Serbia


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