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PES 2016 Apocaze Team Patch 2016 v.1.5.2


PES 2016 Apocaze Team Patch 2016 Version 1.5.2

– Ready for current 15/16 (Last Transfers 2015/2016) + Updated European Transfers Season 2016/2017 (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Correct Leagues Kit (Premier League, Skybet, Serie A, Serie B, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, Serie A Brasil, Liga Argentina,Liga MX, Chile Premier League, J-League) + Add 52 Kits Season 2016/2017 For “European Competition League” (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Correct Licensed Leagues Emblems + Add Manchester City, WestHam, Caem,QPR Logos Season 2016/2017 (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Correct Leagues Competitive Balls
– Correct Leagues/National Uniform (EURO + Copa America)
– Add Bundesliga Germany Replace PEU league
– Add J-League Japan Replace PAS league
– Correct for all National Squad Formation (Number/Formation) + European Transfers “June 12′ 2016” (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Correct Club And National Coach Pic and Retype Coach name
– Add Some Other European/Asian/American Club + Haiti National Footbal Club (Database Tuga Vicio)

– Corrected Fix Fake Face Players
– Add Over 1500 New Face (Updated v.1.5.1) + Add 77 Face (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Remake Player Stats/Overall Rating (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Add 6 additional Reffere Face (Updated v.1.5.2)

– Add & Unlock 41Stadium for Official Competitive Teams
– Remake Turfs More Realistics ++ + Fix Bugs (Updated v.1.5.2)
– Remake Crowds And Audiance Staff was Rewoked (Updated v.1.5.1)
– Add an Adboards Animation And Renewed sideboards

– Add 100 Boots Include
– Add 100 Goalkepper Gloves
– Add 30 New Music Playlist
– Add New Players Gloves
– Add HD Logo For All Competitive Leagues And National Team Emblem
– Add Over 28 Chant for Some Club + National (Updated v.1.5.1)

– Patch Selector Still Not Available ,so you all can using dpfilelist generator to using it and modfy it
if you wanna play offline: Generate “apocaze_offline.cpk” at the end of .cpk list
if you wanna pay online : Generate “apocaze_online.cpk” at the end of .cpk list
– Bundesliga Germany not available when playing Online, but other updates still available



Apocaze Team Patch : Muhammad Alfaridzi (apocaze/Massive_590), Rizki Fakhri (MELON), Imam Wardana (Commando) Tito Reskianto (Kirito), TKJ Group OK
Tuga Vicio Team : tuga2771 estica mb_force jorgecabral andreduraes27 fernandes19 mike14 (PES DATABASE) Friends

PesScreen, Baris, Ramin_Cpu, lagun-2, Jenkey1002, KUTUCAK, metalex, Cronos, FarhanAm, rXk WENS, Sarjono, Jonathan Facemaker, MO HA, MARIOMILAN, Boulbaba, Fede, Ben ALi, SAMEH MOMEN, dosho2, BONO, Znovik_s, Mincho SuatCAGDAS, Amir.Hsn7, Bou7a, Fabio International, Memer, Shaggy, TUNI, alex7, Jonathan Facemaker, CleitonSilva Facemaker, SamtanAji, Jesushrs, Tony Kit Maker, Bonos, MT GAMES 1991, MT SOFTWARES GROUP, Muki, Tavin, AEMZA-KUN,MRI_20, Nemanja BRE, Osama Yousef Abdallah El Ghamry, MRI_20MODS, CRONOS, Buffon99, G-STYLE, Majuh, RM4Arap, ALI.CHILIA, ljq12697, sxsxsx, Glaucio, estica, Mohamed Triki, minosta, daathh ES , tizziano, Bonos, DONYAVIA, Yucel11, jenkey, aryjanuarrr, Genaro, PURP MATE, PES INDONESIA


  1. Only 52 klubs, I think just for big clubs.
    Has anyone try it ? I want a Review before change my patch to this one

  2. It Include lot of Big Team kit, 4 Skybet , 6 Premier League , 3 Serie A , 2 Eredivise , And Other European Kit . Note : This kit just for European Compettition Teams

  3. 1.We Using Estarlen v.1, but you can also make it/change it to Estarlen v.2
    2.Yes of course this patch compitable with Tatto pack


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