1. Can anyone help with instructions on how to import this patch into my ps4 PES 2016 game ?

    Or does this work only for PC games ?

  2. These new Adidas boots are all trying to hard. When the tongue was taken off the predator that was great. Colours are too bright! Material is absolutely poney. Kangaroo keather is the way to go. Same feel as a copa, and style of the 2013 predator. Keep it Adidas, stop trying to be like Nike. Why has the boot changed so much. Has football changed, the last time I checked people still run the same and its 11 v 11. The proto type of the Silo all black worn by reals old keeper and Alonso are great. Keep it football keep it smart keep it humble. Just because most people are show offs Adidas don’t have to cater for them.


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