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PES 2015 Xbox360 WENBOFX Option File v0.1


PES 2015 Xbox360 WENBOFX v0.1 Release 27 November 2014

Option File Contents:

Correct League and Cup Emblems added to each unlicensed and/or fake competition.

Pes 2015 Xbox 360 Patch

Club Teams:

English League – renamed Barclays Premier League + Home, Away and GK Kits + Team Emblems added.
English 2nd Division – renamed SkyBet Championship + Team Emblems added. Kits to be added in forthcoming update.
Ligue 1 – Licensed
Ligue 2 – Licensed
Eredivisie – Licensed
Serie A – Licensed
Serie B – renamed Serie B Eurobet + Team Emblems added. Kits to follow.
La Liga – Licensed
Liga Adelante – Licensed
Portugal League – Renamed Primeira Liga + Team Emblems added. Kits to follow.
Copa Libertadores – Licensed. Fake Brazilian players to be renamed in forthcoming update.
Copa Sudamericana 2013 – Licensed. Fake Brazilian players to be renamed in forthcoming update.
Copa Sudamericana 2014 – Licensed. Fake Brazilian players to be renamed in forthcoming update.
Brazilian League – Renamed as Brasileirao Série A. Fake players to be renamed in forthcoming update.
Primera Division (ARG) – Licensed
AFC Champions League – Licensed

Download Link: This Option File is compatible with PES2015 Version 1.01.00/Data Pack 1.00


Created Teams:

PEU League – To be replaced with the Bundesliga in forthcoming update.
PLA League – To be replaced with Primera Division (Chile) in forthcoming update.
PAS League – To be replaced with J.League Division 1 in forthcoming update.
Other European Teams – (Steaua Bucharest, Celtic, FC Basel) Team Emblems added. Kits and players for the additional teams will be added in a forthcoming update.
Other Latin American Teams – Additional teams will be added in a forthcoming update.
Other Clubs (Asia) – Additional teams will be added in a forthcoming update.

National Teams:

Fake players renamed in order, up until Oman in Asia & Oceania. Remaining fake players (About 5 teams) will be renamed, and all fakes will be replaced in a forthcoming update. Kits to be added also.


All fake names for European Classics corrected, World Classics still to correct. Kits and player likenesses will be recreated in a forthcoming update.

Installation Guide:

1. On the Xbox 360 Dashboard, customise your USB storage and make sure it is set at 768mb.
2. Plug the USB into your computer, and open the drive in the explorer.
3. Go to Organise -> Folder and search options, then allow hidden files/folders to be displayed
4. Browse through your USB and find the hidden Xbox360 folder.
5. In the folder, you will see three files; Data0000-0002 – you need to erase Data0001 and Data0002
6. Open up the downloaded file, extract it, and copy the Data0001 and Data0002 files onto your USB
7. Safely remove the USB, insert it into your Xbox and copy the entire WE/PES2015 folder over


rocky5 – All PNGs would be impossible without him!
killacarillo – For top quality team/competition emblems
4N63L – Brilliant Premier League kits, soon to include Primeira Liga also.
PESLogos – For the bulk of team/league logos, brilliant website
peda69 – Awesome logos
Daymos – For setting the benchmark. Absolute legend and pioneer of many methods people including myself take advantage of without even knowing it!
Team WENB – nemisiskidd and Muta, for moral support, guidance, and hopefully soon some kits!

If I have forgotten to credit you, I do apologise – please let me know. I think I have covered everyone whose files/images I have used so far, but there are many more to come (e.g. Carlo for his Serie B kits)


  1. I’m a little lost. I follow the steps, but whenever I plug the USB stick back into the XBOX I only have the option to configure the device. I was initially transferring files from a mac, that didn’t play nice so I tried it on Windows 7. Same thing every time. Configure, copy files onto device, insert in XBOX, configure, repeat. Any clue? Thanks

  2. @Dave

    Try to press the option to adjust the space instead of configure now (forgot what it’s called, but it’s right under “Configure Now”) and set it to 768MB/1GB

  3. Finished transferring the files over. No Problems. Launched PES… doesn’t appear to have made any difference. Is there another step I’m missing. Thanks

  4. Am getting “unformatted drive” after i transfer the data files to the usb, anybody else getting this problem.
    I followed all the instructions.

  5. Sorted! not sure quite how… deleted some data packs, reinstalled them.. seems to be working now.


  6. Hi. I have a 16GB pendrive. And if i customize my pendrive in my xbox, and than i have 16 files( Data0000, Data 0001,…. Data0016) in the secret xbox360 map. so i deleted the 0001 and 0002 and i copy the wenbox files, and after i try copy teh files, and nothing. why? And i cant customize my pendrive, because the xbox write this: doesnt meet the xbox 360 requirements. this is the problem? or not? Please somebody help me. Thank You.

  7. I think you really have to customize your pen drive. I used 64gb on the first attempt, without customizing and it failed.

  8. Hello I need help, and got the files and everything and when I start the game tells me I can not upload files to edit because they belong to the version that I have, what I have version 1.01.00 and data pack I have not updated, appreciate your help

  9. hi there!
    is there any risk of xboxlive ban in my console or in my account using these files?

    my console is not flashed or modified in any way and i’m afraid it could be risky

    Thanks for this great job. i’m editing by myself and i know is a huge ammount of work.


  10. i’m using it since yesterday and no problem in online for the moment… And my 360 is not flashed or modified too :)

  11. i have version 1.00.00 and i cant play,the patch need version 1.01.00

    Please help me,what i have to do,or how i can change versions?

  12. I have problem . ? Everything is ok but when I into the game ‘ unable to load because the data is from a different version’ . . any solution?

  13. Did you sort out the PES 2015 configure USB problem, I have the same issue and have tried different usb etc. Can you help?

  14. I have PES 2015 running on an external hard-drive connected to my xbox360.I play using default.xex…how do i get to install the update? Thanks in advance

  15. Cuando la actualizacion con bundesliga. Please update bundesliga, nationa teams argentina, colombia, chile y estados unidos

  16. I havent installed this patch yet, but does it still work with later updates of PES? So if i install it now…will it work..?

  17. I don’t think so… I have downloaded this with version 1.3.0 and data pack 3 and I can’t see the new kits/emblems

  18. Please I need help..every time I enter the usb in the xbox and configure it then put it in the laptop and copy the file to it then back it to the xbox >>>but the xbox say must configure it again>>>>

  19. I NEED BEST “PES 2015 XBOX 360 V1.03.00 DLC 4.00” OPTION FILE, with all customized and fully working under RGH console… Also so i can know where to place files….


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