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PES 2015 Xbox360 OF Update v0.1 by Lucassias87


PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File Update v0.1 (26/11/14) by Lucassias87

Download PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File Update v0.1


– Nomes corrigidos de todos os times fictícios.
– Emblemas para todos os times fictícios.
– Uniformes licenciados para os principais clubes e seleções.
– Técnicos reais para os clubes e seleções editadas.
– Nomes reais de Ligas e Copas.
– Emblemas oficiais para todas as Ligas e Copas.

uploaded mega

Vídeo Tutorial de instalação:

Tamanho do Arquivo:

– Compactado: 424 MB.
– Descompactado: 1 GB.

Para instalar com sucesso o OPTION FILE OFICIAL é necessário ter instalados no Xbox 360 o Patch e DLC
oficiais da Konami.

OPTION FILE criado e editado por ” LUCASSIAS87 “, totalmente gratuito mas Fortaleçam curtindo a minha fanpage!


– Fixed names of all fictitious times.
– Badges for all fictitious times.
– Licensed Kits to major clubs and teams.
– Real Technicians for clubs and edited selections.
– Names Real alloys and Cups.
– Official badges for all Leagues and Cups.

To successfully install the Xbox 360 OPTION FILE OFFICIAL 1.00 must be installed: DOWNLOAD HERE


1 – Bundesliga J.League, Alloy MX and Brasileirão Series B will give the guys in the Option File OFFICIAL only in future versions of the same.

2 – Do not fix the names of the Brasileirão players because Konami will correct them and if I edit them now would have a totally unnecessary mess on the issues.

3 – In version 0.1 of the Option File I clearly said would only fixed uniform of the top clubs, and

that the next updates would completing the kits of clubs and other selections.

4 – CAN NOT INSERT Stages and the OF BALLS!

5 – can play online with Option File without any problems.


7 – Option File works on Xbox 360 and locked

unlocked (3.0 LT, LTU and RGH / JTAG).

8 – Option File‘s Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

still has no date for release because I do not

PES 2015 PS3 and do not own the Xbox One console, as Playstation 4 to the problem is the transfer of disability files.


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