1. Bro , saya main pes2015 pakai keyboard, tapi kenapa setelah install ini , gak bisa lari kencang ya ? biasa nya kan tekan tombol E

    Bro , i can’t fast run after installed this tools .


  2. this is very disappointing. i thought that there would be an option to enforce the graphics to medium or high? wtf? this is a good job but please always keep and deliver your promises sir. thank you.

  3. OMG am so sorry.. its there sir. i didnt see the tools option on top of the menu. pardon my ignorance. thank you very much sir. please ignore my first comment uploader and forgive my ignorance. OMFG its there i didnt see the option. MUCH THANKS.

  4. one more burning issue sir. the rain is so low its like its not even there. please increase the rain. is there any cpk file increasing the rain?

  5. in general setting of pes 2015 there are few resolutions to select them
    can I make new resolutions or added new resolutions in this selector?


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