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PES 2015 Santiago Bernabéu by Estarlen Silva


Estadio Santiago Bernabéu PES 2015 by Estarlen Silva

Compatible in mode Online
Replace Royal London Stadium

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire

HD Video Preview :

All Credits : Estarlen Silva , PES Edit , Sergio-Argentina

Special Thanks : SXSXSX

How to install:

* Copy SantiagoBernabeu.cpk file to your Download folder
* Edit your DpFileList.bin add new cpk whith name SantiagoBernabeu.cpk and save

If you don’t know how to make look in the forums and you tube, there are some tutorials

* Forgot to say change to name in Menu/Edit/Stadiums.



  1. I already have camp nou and I want to add this, how I can edit stadium.bin?? Please help

    // Edit your DpFileList.bin add new cpk whith name SantiagoBernabeu.cpk and save
    Check video tutorials.

  2. No I know how to work with dpfilelist.bin, I want both stadiums in my pes15, but because of stadium.bin I cannot get both stadiums so I need help to make both work by editing stadium.bin

  3. hey thanks for the awesome stadium. But I already have stamford bridge and the stadium.bin in your stadium replaces the old one and I can’t get stamford bridge. Please help to and teach me to edit stadium.bin

  4. great work.
    but in order to put this in my own dpfilelist i need your dpfilelist with the parameters,right?
    i only know how to copy-paste from mod-dpfilelist to my dpfilelist.


  5. I modified DPList but when I open the game Konami logo never appears and therefore the game will not open. Any solution? I did the steps as it indicates to me

  6. hey there is a problem with live broadcasting camera :( when camera is zooming,the screen is dark and i dont see anything

  7. I don´t like.Sorry.Very low quality turf and frames problems.I think it´s not for pes 2015.You must adjust it for pes 2015.Many thanks for your work anyway…regards.

  8. hello,i have a problema…when i install the stadium….my config the pes 15 change…anyone knows the solution ???

  9. dude show us how to install it , it does not work . at least right it here step by step , after the bin file is copied to the download file

  10. Podrian subir el archivo: DpFileList.bin editado correctamente con cualquiera de los 2 estadios y asi poder visualizar donde esta nuestro problema para que cargue correctamente esos estadios que se añaden con los archivos

    Yo he seguido tanto la guia en video y tambien el tutorial pdf que es un poco mas completo pero no me resulta y sigo sin ver los estadios camp nou y bernabeu

    Gracias de antemano por el archivo que necesito editado

  11. The graphics stadium so ugly.. very low graphics.. i hope you can create some stadium better… and high graphics..

  12. How so i still get Account Verification failed – i first played a game online with steam version then installed this one still no work?

  13. tell my pls , my friends , why , i can use ONE stadium in my pes 2015 . for example i have already Veltins Arena and when i install SantiagoBernabeu , the game stop working… why ??? ( i do corectly the cpk edit for sure )

  14. po estarlen silva, vc é brazuka cara! poe o maraca ou mineirão aí pra nois, carai, kkk, deixa essas porra de estadio gringo pros gringo se virar

  15. Where is the european clubs stadiums. You said it would be realeased in 30 november still nothings whats going on?

  16. Pleaseeee!! Estaren Silva you can make crowed fix disables for your patch stadium v2,,please! i’cant play with out crowed disables!!!1 pleaseee .You are the besttttt!!!!

  17. Can we get santiago bernabeu for offline mode? please help me.I want it for offline mode


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