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PES 2015 Ricardo Kaka Facepack by d030910066


Kaka Faces For Fake ID

v4 v3 v2 v1

** This face mod is not made by me, just taken it from the internet. I just use their face and relink from PES14 to PES15 and follow Steve Hawke tutorial to relink real face with fake face.

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire

All credits goes to:

– Kakà facepack by mariomilan
– Ricardo Kak_a by KR_L68 FACEMAKER
– DpFileListGenerator v1.4 by Baris

– PES Edit-Crypter 1.2 by cabry

– Steve Hawke tutorial:

– no.1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQHGu4-TPog – “How To Relink Pes2014 Faces In Pes2015”

– no.2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pbx5KQpFH4 – “Pes 2015…Relink real face to fake player whilst keeping your EDIT.bin”



1) Paste kaka face that you want into: “KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015\download”

2) By using DpFileListGenerator v1.4 by Baris, generate the 3758.cpk

3) After that, go to your save folder, find EDIT.bin and decrypte with PES Edit-Crypter 1.2. Then open the

decrypted EDIT.bin with HEX WORKSHOP and search for ” AE0E0400 “. Change each of the instance from

” AE0E0400 ” to ” AE0E0000 “, and save. don’t forget to save after each change made.This must be done or else your player will

become Dummy. **See Steve Hawke tutorial no.2 @ 7:00 min.**

4) By using PES Edit-Crypter 1.2 again, encrypt the EDIT.bin and make sure to rename it to its original name.

5) After that, put your encrypt EDIT.bin into your PES 2015 save folder.

6) And then test it! Have a try!

If you want to replace your fake player face, just watch Steve Hawke tutorial no. 2!!!!!


** This mod will not change your current ML player face. If you alraedy have Kaka in your Master League after applying this mod, your
Kaka’ face in-game will become dummy face.


  1. I’m able to change the face, but the payer remains as “DUMMY”
    i’ve re-done reading your instructions but i’m unable to solve it :(

  2. What do you mean by “remains as “DUMMY” ” ?? You able to change his face but his attributes/data still dummy? If in that case, you can change it yourself. Just follow his original attribute. Save it as a pic or anything so you can refer it back. This happened to me before.

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    this problem not have solution


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