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PES 2015 PS3 Option File v2.0 For BLUS31480


PES 2015 PS3 Option File v2.0 By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Download PS3 Option File v2.0 For BLUS31480

Edit Option File Save Data v2.0 (04/12/14):
Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save files to the ps3.


* Adapted for my dt34 kits mod & Unofficial Updates*
* Added 5 Bundesliga Teams including Dortmund*
* Updated Premier League Team Lineups*
* Added Info Premier League Team Infos Rivals Stadiums etc…*
* Fixed Names For The Premier League*
* Fixed Manager Surnames in Premier League*



  1. Sounds good, thanks! My question is, what did you edit so far for the Sky Bet Championship? It’s just that if I install your mod over what I have already edited, of course I will lose my work. But if you have already done Sky Bet complete then I don’t mind. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Oh and one other question… have you added new official ballpacks (i.e. Premier League Hi Viz yellow) with this? If not, will you do this in the next version? Thanks again :)

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing, i installed The 3 versions, bles, blus, blas, voou everything to ps3 and ok, but when open The game still nothing, its like on factory.

  4. Bluedisk,how to install cpk file?there is not a intruction in the file,2.after i install datapack official,what should i do,installing option file or cpk??3.what diffirent with your datapack and konami official datapack? Tq

  5. Datapack is exact same mainly for people who’re offline so therefor they can install it then my unofficial packs or the graphics mods adds different things and is installed via the same method of the datapack

    the dt15.cpk and dt34.cpk just copy them into the game folder of pes 2015
    remember you need to have a backup of pes 2015 and be on cfw or have ode

    save file just copy it over like any other

  6. Hi there FGR,

    Where exactly do I find this USRDIR folder? I haven’t been able to find it yet.
    Great work on the edit data by the the way.

  7. USRDIR is a folder in the actual game itself so you’ll need to be on cfw/ode and have a backup of the game it’s in the ps3 game folder you should be able to find it quite easily


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