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PES 2015 PS3 New Ultra Mod 12 May 15


[PS3] PES 2015 Ultra Mod [MOD BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] [BDH]

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Download PES 2015 PS3 New Ultra Mod 12 May 15

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This Mod is for BLUS31480 / Duplex & BLES02088 game versions.

Special Thanks @ Sargox

Password: BlueDiskHaven


*Check the changelogs page regularly to see what’s been updated*

Changelogs: http://pastebin.com/LkL1uwrx
Mod Feature List & Additional Information: http://pastebin.com/t2u7TsiP
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/LFKdkLxu

Edit Option File Save Data:




– Various Edits
– Unlocked 50 balls
– Chants (Manutd, juventus, barcelona, real madrid, Bayern Munich, etc)
– Added 100 boots
– Added Gloves

Licence Mod:


– Kits
– Logos

Real Faces Mod:


– Real Faces (60+)
For list of faces check: http://pastebin.com/t2u7TsiP

Stadiums Mod:


– Pitch Mod
– Adboards (Hicksville and Majuh)
– Real Sky HD (donyavia)

Menus Mods:


PES 2015 AIO Official Datapacks Updates:


PES 2015 AIO MOD SETUP FULL: *For Beginners / First Time Users of this mod*


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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Special Thanks @ Sargox

View Additional Information for full credits

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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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  1. You can update the Copa Libertadores for teams of 2015? It seems that Konami will not update the competition this year :(

  2. Hope this solve wayne Rooney from manchester united in champions league away kit (white) is dummy :)

  3. Updated the savedata and licence
    licence improves and updates a lot of kits (mainly national teams)
    savedata i’ve updated the turkey team which should remove the dummy player

    I have set aside some of the premier league kits for next season which I’ll probably release once the current season is over

    If theres any issues tell me (in detail) and I’ll try to fix them if possibile

    Other than that this may be one of the last updates that I’ll do for different reasons,
    I’ve spent many hours in this project and I’m getting tired working on it,
    I didn’t want to disappoint people so I worked hard and tried do requests
    I fixed the balls, I updated and improved many of the kits, updated some squads and other things I covered a lot and in certain ways the mod is complete in the sence of being licenced for the current season but ofcourse football is always changing but right now I’m not sure if I want to add the things for next season in this mod

    Its not like im completely quiting will fix any issue that needs to be fixed
    and may release minor updates here and then

    anyways i hope you enjoy the new updates

    If you enjoy my mod and would like to support me you can do so:

  4. If you really want to come to the Stadium Real Madrid and Barcelona should be made. Snowy weather be created.
      Net the big square in all countries is to be made.
      Time menu for each league match to be made.
      The referee Type type of the beheading and the crowd is edited.
    Thank you for your continuous efforts.

  5. I will be awaiting, the Copa Libertadores 2015 is excellent and wanted to play it :(

  6. Having a few issues trying to get the real face to show up ingame
    but I’m hoping to get it fixed soon but cant say when

  7. Well I do actually have the real madrid stadium but havent added it due to issues sadly stadiums arent possibile for consoles it makes the game unstable
    havent mentioned this before if someone comes up with a solution ofcourse they would be added but if not then probably no

    Snowy weather the files in are the mod but sadly its not showing ingame i would like to have in game but sadly its not showing in the game even though the files are there

    Will consider adding modded nets

    time menu you mean scoreboard ? it would be a tough one because only a select amount is allowed 1 goes for all leagues may consider adding certain scoreboards to certain menus

    not sure what you mean regarding the referees

  8. With this last patch the game freeze,please check,in champions league take the home team Bayern Munchen VS Manchester United,be sure Bayern Munchen to be the home team,and the game will freeze,also please check Wayne Rooney but only when Manchester United plays away,thank you!

  9. Better to be built:
    1.Stadium chelsea real barca….
    2-Large square soccer net
    3-Snowy weather
    4-Tackle edit:Better
    5-head edit :Speed
    6-time menu: Screen display

  10. Faith Hello again , I might freeze the error is in the BDH_Patch file because I used the update of the day 14/04 and not me never froze .
    Perhaps that is the error. regards

  11. hello faith with the latest updates from the uniforms of the 2016 season the game is too frozen and it is a shame that the shirts had been great, I hope you read this message and can fix it. thank you very much


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