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PES 2015 – We Italian Patch 0.9 UPDATE 13/05/2015
Download PES 2015 PC We Italian Patch 0.9

– Fixed name for all leagues and cups;
– Added all real Bundesliga (names, managers, logos, kits and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Corrected the names of all the teams and players of the nationals fake (Europe-Africa-North / South America and Asia-Classics) with convocations of real players instead of duplicates (when released) and Classic;
– Setted the names announced in the commentary for the English teams, for the Bundesliga teams and for the Italian Serie B teams;
– Unlocked new teams;
– Assigned real balls for all leagues and cups;
– Remove all players and teams duplicated;
– Unlocked players eliminated from the DLC 1.00;
– Fixed a lot of tattics and wrong numbers:
– Created a lot of players that in game there weren’t;
– Facts many transfers of the winter market and not only;
– Fixed a lot of Konami errors, goalkeeper gloves, wrong boots, short sleeve or long (like Cassano use a long sleeve with black gloves);
– Added stadiums name for all teams of Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie B, Serie A, Bundesliga, jLeague and Primera División (Chile);
– Added banners for all teams of Premier League and some teams of italian Serie A and Serie B;
– Added all real jLeague (names, managers, logos, kits and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Added all real Primera División de Chile (names, managers, logos and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Created in Other European 23 teams with all real stats;
– Fixed a lot of player that had all default stats at 40;
– Fixed a lot of tactics;
– Put all name in lower case;
– Added Javer Zanetti in World Classic;
– Fixed many backshirt;
– Fixed all players with “2” after the name and other players with fake name in South America leagues;
– Remove to many player the double teams;
– Fixed natonality for chilean and japan teams;
– Fixed name, stats and logos for new 3 japan teams;
– Changed goal celebration for some players;
– Fixed a lot of name for players with wrong names;
– Setted a lot of rival teams;
– Corrected, renamed and fixed a lot of managers;
– Renamed a lot of players;
– Add many names announced in commentary for many players and setted to they;
– Converted a lot of players from Football Manager;

– Fixed teams for Champions League and Europa League;
– Fixed all wrong supercups;
– Added callname for many players;
– Fixed buf of DUMMY player in Master League offline;
– Changed name League Peu, League Pas and Pal with GERMANIA, GIAPPIOnE and CHILE;

– Added real logos for all competitions;
– Added logos for all teams of Premier League, Championship, Serie B and Liga Zon Sagres;
– Added faces for all managers of Serie B and Premier League, and also for Benitez and Ventura;
– Added new faces;
– Added all kits for Premier League, Liga Zon Sares, Championship, all fake nationals, all Bundesliga, all Serie B, all jLeague and also some kits for Other european teams and chilean teams;
– Added new save icon;
– Added PS3 button;
– Added 100 boots;
– Added new ballpack with 50 balls;
– New with lines;
– New badges;
– Added new replay;
– Added new stadiums, with new preview, new HD turf (also for base stadiums) and new adboards;
– New goalkeeper gloves;
– New chants;
The patch is compatible with DLC 4.00 Good



Alby #17

Thanks for all kitkamer, all facemaker, and all people that had create all mod that we add in our patch and also thanks to LionHeart94, Rob21C_UK, GïñëttÔ, Lacosterix, axel9, [email protected], Simo 88, franklucio, boonaun, Pesmonkey, Vangheljs, FRUITS, Zinou, majuh, bukowski, ron69, gabe.paul.logan, rafaelkaiz, yair25, klashman69, Guzzetto, miketheslummy, nicola[VS2]

How to install

– The patch is compatible with DLC 4.00 (European version, if you don’t have it you can download from this link DLC 4.00, if you don’t have also link for download DLC 3.00 european versioneDLC 3.00, DLC 2.00 european version DLC 2.00 and DLC 1.00 european version DLC 1.00) and KONAMI patch 1.03 (just included in patch);
– Insert all files of the Documents-WIP inside Documents \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 \ WIP (if you don’t have this folder, create it);
– After downloading all the files should you do about all “EXTRACT HERE” so you see the path where you put them already, however, all files (except those of the Documents-WIP) to go inC: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and C: \ Program Files (x86) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 \ download, however you will have folders that will indicate where to place the files
– Run WIP2015.exe and fun;
– If you have some problem, write it in this topic;
– Visit our forum.


[PES2015 PC] We Italian Patch 0.9


  1. contient des manques comme,
    les faces,
    les kits (other teams europeans)
    logos (other teams europeans)

  2. Logos there are for all other teams europeans, and kit not for all for other teams europeans.

    Our patch is the only that don’t have duplicated player or team (we have only one team in south america for all competition so you don’t see 3 kaka or 2 pato ;) )

  3. how to install it , i dont know tell me please give me video tutorial or screen shoot, i already download this patch

  4. i have a problem with saving data… thats first thing i saw after 10min.. i started BAL but cant save.. any suggestions? if that cant be fixed i will try some other patch..

  5. u was rigth…i created in wrong place… gj, and tnx… btw now i see all the differences of the patch… before that folder in documents, there was a lot of DUMMY players.. thanks a lot one again

  6. Some commentaries are wrong on my French version. AS Monaco is announced as Munich for example.

  7. With the patch, the buttons changed to PS3. Can I change it back to xbox360, which are the controls I actually use?

  8. Changelog UPDATE 27/03/2015

    – Added 2 new stadium
    – Fixed purple Allianz Arena;
    – Added a lot of new players and fixed a lot of other mistakes;
    – Done a lot of transfers;

  9. Buongiorno Happy Easter to all, I am very sorry because this patch you posted still does not satisfy many users to connect online.Mi explain … I congratulate the editors of this patch because it has no defect, very beautiful, has done a good job thanks very much to you all. I must stress, however, that today the online game is very important for everyone to get a patch so it may not be compatible online ..voi avte inserted selector for online gaming segrare the number 1 and then enter to play the online, According me when you should start sending the game rather not part ..pes must start it with the exe WIP2015. so doing loads all the files but from error to the server for the online connection to both the patch compatible online.
    Cortesemte I would like to play online with this patch … it is possible or not …
    thank you.


    WIP BASE – UPDATE 02/04/2015
    WIP-Patch001.cpk – UPDATE 21/04/2015
    WIP-Patch002.cpk – UPDATE 17/04/2015
    WIP-Patch004.cpk – UPDATE 21/04/2015
    WIP-Patch005.cpk – UPDATE 27/03/2015
    WIP-Patch008.cpk – UPDATE 20/04/2015
    Documents-WIP-0.9 – UPDATE 21/04/2015

  11. Ciao Dade innanzitutto complimenti..LA PATCH è DAVVERO STUPENDA!! Soltanto un appunto .. come posso implementare altri cpk ? Ho notato che nn sono modificabili..o meglio implementabili all’interno dei tuoi.

  12. Almost, but no. Cant make edit data, i cant edit the players, and half of the not european leagues destroyed. Maybe its a bug only for me

  13. I installed new version over old one but logos pf clubs in master league are messed up!! Is there solution?


  14. I did all things wroten on the instruction. I open the game from WIP2015 it starts but there are no changes. Any solution?

  15. Programmi

    WIP BASE – UPDATE 02/04/2015
    WIP-Patch001.cpk – UPDATE 21/04/2015
    WIP-Patch002.cpk – UPDATE 13/05/2015
    WIP-Patch003.cpk – UPDATE 09/05/2015
    WIP-Patch004.cpk – UPDATE 13/05/2015
    WIP-Patch005.cpk – UPDATE 05/05/2015
    WIP-Patch008.cpk – UPDATE 20/04/2015
    Documents-WIP-0.9 – UPDATE 11/05/2015

  16. Bravo, best patch until now because its the only patch which fixes the double players in Master League, includes all Europa League teams and additional South American and Asian club teams. Unfortunately there are some problems with faces or missing faces especially in Bundesliga like Kehl ( Crash), Schmelzer, Bender , Mkhitaryan , Dost, Naldo, Volland, Firmino, Raffael, Hermann etc. If you could fix this problems in further updates it would be great. Thanks for your great patch and keep it up!

  17. best patch so far.one thing only game keeps freezing in mineiaro stadium can you please fix that.or can i fix it by just deleting the stadium my shelf?

  18. Ciao ragazzi ho scaricato questa patch per giocare online al termine dell’istallazione della patch ed eseguo l’avvio per giocare steam mi dice di installare il gioco .Ma io mi chiedo ma se già è installato che rompono i coglioni questi di steam ?
    .Inserisco un’altra patch quella francese è tutto funziona bene.Mi sapete dire perchè la vostra quando avvio il gioco mi dice di installare pes!

  19. I need all DLC files or just DLC 4.0 on a clean game? And where i have to copy the file/s? Thanks

  20. hi,
    I installed We Italian patch and started playing in Liga Adelante. Everything seemed fine, until promotion playoffs, where at the start of the match, the ball became invisible. Any solutions? And I don’t mean to use coach mode or skip that games.


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