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PES 2015 PC vs PS4 – Xbox One Differences


PES 2015 PC versus PS4 – Xbox One Differences

See PES 2015 PC vs PS4 - Xbox One Differences in detail

PES Official Facebook Account : I can confirm PC and New Gen versions are the same apart from the following items. New gen is slightly ahead of PC for:

• Elapsed time – Show brightness/shadow change from real time lighting according to the match time of day
• Crowd improvement – Crowd variety to be increased by 10 times
• Player lighting to be improved through differed rendering
• Improved shirt quality – Weave variety added
• Enhance depth of field

So gameplay, animations, modes etc etc exactly same.

I wouldn’t imagine the two versions to be incredibly different. I’m not saying that you are not going to see the difference, as I haven’t seen the PC version myself yet. But It sounds really promising, and I am a PC player.

The PC version is going to be the same, the differences are going to be as few as I mentioned.


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