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PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio v0.9.2


PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio Fix v0.9.2 Changelog :

Players created: kanu, Gonçalo Guedes, miguel lopes, carlos martins, pele and gonçalo brandao … squads and transfer Portuguese League updated, Pes improved Selector, players with name FREEXXX excluded.

PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio Fix v0.9.2 PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio v0.9.2

PS Next version: adboards addons, addons stadiums, addons sounds, pack faces 100% fixed, transfers, all leagues FULL.



  1. sorry, is this the same patch created by rajam? ( super patch TUGA )

    // NO. It’s Team Tuga Vicio:

  2. Hola, ¿es posible que en el siguiente parche, puedan colocar algunos rostros del equipo de São Paulo como rogerio ceni, kaká o alessandro pato? excelente parche!

  3. Hi. I love your patch mate, but can you please create english names of national teams? I would be very grateful.

    Also what i found Miloš Jojič(Borussia Dortmund) and Aubameyang ( Borussia Dortmund) havent got the real faces.
    I hope this gets fix.

    I say again, I love your patch and thank you for sharing it.


  4. when i installed you patch my game didn”t start i mean didn”t work why ???????????????,, answer me plz

  5. guys… excellent job, you’re doing great… I hope in the next patch please show the countries in english and maybe update Real Madrid’s kit… you’re awesome doing these things… (sorry for my bad english)

  6. great! wait for transfers and right numbers! thanks
    will there patches on kits -epl, la liga, bundesliga, etc?

  7. hey,i m seeing that, benzema has hairs when playing., it is terrible,. but when in replay, there is no hairs and benzema looks great,. why benzema has hairs during playing? please can you fix this? this problem has seen with bale as well., he has long hair seen when playing,.

  8. Oi eu identificaram vários problemas, incluindo o modo MyClub,
    1: quando você conseguir alguma coisa na caixa de entrada está preso e não viu culpa do patch porque eu desligar o patch e ele funciona bem.
    a outra é quando se joga na divisão de pára MyClub
    Ação de Graças é um grande trabalho

  9. Hi There, my national team’s names are not in english.. confusing me :( how to change i.e : BELGICA TO BELGIUM ????

  10. I can´t play online mode, says I have to upgrade to the latest version and I have done this when you install this patch

  11. Hi ! I have a problem, may be it’s not from the patch but, when I try to create a new Master League game, there are two Arsenal teams in the Premier League, so 21 teams in the league (instead of 20) and copy players (two Özil, two Koscielny, two Sanchez…). I tried a new game and I always have the same problem. Is anyone have the same ?

  12. Dont want to be rude but is more then 1 month since you gave any info, did you discontinue this patch? If so please tell us so we start looking other patch instead of waiting.

    Thanks for your awesome work.


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