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PES 2015 Pack Stadiums v3.6 by Estarlen Silva


PES 2015 Pack Stadiums v3.6 by Estarlen Silva

Download PES2015 Pack Stadiums v3.6 by Estarlen Silva

All Cpks in One, needs only this, since came out 3.5 that had some error in CAMP NOU , I decided to Released this complete instead of a fix !

Download Only those who had problems in some stadiums and CAMP NOU.

Compatible To ALL Patchs !



  1. hi, estarlen,there is still another problem. that is about home field (home stadium) for real madrid.in COMPETITION MODE/LEAGUE, if i play against madrid,or i choose madrid as my team, the match is not held at BERNABEU, but it takes place at BRITANNIA STADIUM, home field of stoke city.in previous version ( stadium pack v2) everything is ok. why is it like that? have u known about that?

  2. Hey, thanks for all these wonderfull additions to pes2015
    i use tuga visio patch 2.1v and just wanted to ask, if i keep a backup of tuga visios’ stadium cpk file , then delete the original from program files and add you newest update(by itself) with a list generator, will it be the proper way to add your stadium cpk update to my PES?

  3. Como se activa o puedo ver el mosaico del barcelona dentro del juego? contra que equipos se activa?

  4. and Btw, can we get real mosaics not the ones whereby the whole crowd is just painted! real mosaics! thanks in ad.

  5. i have problem with camo nou is named borussia park and borussia park named camp nou plz help me to fix it

  6. Install but the sky is pink me I have the pte 5.0 someone could help me to solve this problem

  7. Estarlen,there is bug with live broadcasting camera while zooming on santiago bernabeu

  8. Great work Estarlen. Please teke a look in the lights of Stanford Bridge. Fix in the next version. Thanks.

  9. how did u put the cpk?…did u use dplist editor?…i’ve used it but data are not compatible….pls help me

  10. in National Stadium-London, still “Real Madrid” banner, how to fix it?what wrong?Allianz Arena there are two stadiums in numbers 5 and 21, what wrong?

  11. Master Estarlen. there are some stadiums without lights at night or wrong place of lights like Anfield, Stanford Bridge… Some chance you fix it in next version?

  12. Stadium mosaic errors displayed in wrong stadium, please help

    V3.6 pack stadiums I’ve taken everything else did not go

  13. BIG problem?? there are 2 Emirates Stadiums when I select Arsenal to play a kick off match

  14. Porque las entradas de los juegadores no aparecen en los estadios hay algun fix para solucionar este problema

  15. I believe he accidentally set the home ground for Real Madrid to Britannia Stadium.

    All you have to do is go to the edit menu, go to teams, select Real Madrid, go to home field and set the appropriate home field for Real Madrid and it should be fixed. I am not certain however if you need to start a new game for the change of stadium to take effect.

  16. I see normal daytime sky in Veltins Arena, Stadium San Paolo (Napoli), Stadium Olimpico Roma, Camp de Mestalla, Camp Nou, Turk Telekom Arena and Anfield Road
    I have gloves pack, shirt pack and ball unlock patch
    game 1.03/data pack 4
    1.Add more Asian stadiums
    2.Add Stadium Maracana


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