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PES 2015 OF Update 02.09.15 For PTE Patch 8.3 by Potter90


PES 2015 Option File Update #02.09.15 for PTE Patch 8.3 by Potter90

Download PES2015 Option File Update 02.09.15 PTE Patch 8.3 by Potter90

It’s my last update Option File with almost complete English Premier League. All transfers of what I could do on the day 02.09.15 has been done.

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Here is PES 2015 PTE Patch Update 8.3.

Here is a list only of missing players:

Borunemouth – Allsop
Everton – Galloway
Leicester – Dodoo
Liverpool – Rossiter
Man City – Iheanacho
Man Utd – Johnstone
Norwich – Kean
Stoke – Haugard, Moha
Tottenham – Alli
Watford – Jurado
West Ham – Oxford, Lanzini


  1. Please finish all the transfers.I love your patch i always download your pathes.When you have free time please finish them i cant wait for it.
    Good luck mate

  2. please apply transfers for PTE Patch 8.3 update.
    many players there are not in Edit file (example: there are not Joshua Kimmich in Bayern Munich)

  3. Please add 100 boots, and the newest boots..it will be perfect! PTE patch is the best, but those boots not complete. Many Thanks..


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