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PES 2015 New White Line INFO by mydumpstinks


PES 2015 New White Line Editing – Uneven Broken White Line Edges

Download PES 2015 New White Line Patch by mydumpstinks

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire

For those that want it:
Resize white line HEIGHT to 16384 use a black and white grass mask for the edges you get a white line with broken, not perfectly str8 edges half the width of the original.
Left is original line showing the mask, middle is the line as it is with the mask in game, right is original with only half the line edited with exagerated breaks.

I repeated a grass texture about 15 times to fill it, with a large one peice non repeated texture it would look more random and repeat less. The game will draw all 16k on the touchlines, but the max i estimated with a little trial and error was around 13k penalty area lines and and centre line, they repeated half the texture four times. With a bit of trial and error you could probably use the mask to round off the joins a little on the centre circle
Look at the psd, by transforming the grass width either side you can adjust the line width also the severity of the breaks, how deep into the line they go.
Slot 11 Allianz Arena has the dds to try in game.
Cpk and psd for those that want to try for themselves.


  1. problem is that antialiasing is not very effective in far distances with this kind of line. What I have to do to aply to other stadiums differents from Allianz Arena?


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