Home PES 2015 Scoreboards PES 2015 Liga BBVA Scoreboard Final by Letterbomb

PES 2015 Liga BBVA Scoreboard Final by Letterbomb


PES 2015 Liga BBVA Scoreboard + Replay Logo Final Version by Letterbomb

PES Liga BBVA Scoreboard + Replay Logo by Letterbomb PES2015 Scoreboard Replay Logo Final
Download PES 2015 Liga BBVA Scoreboard Logo Version by Letterbomb

This is a final version of scoreboard.

They corrected:
– Missing part of the texture in startscore
– Added BBVA logo to startscore
– Given the TV Logo
– Brighter beams
– the added time is on a red background


Added replay logo BBVA by Secun1972

Special Thanks for:
– Secun1972
– sxsxsx
– Jenkey

How to install:
– Copy download folder to the main catalogue with the game
– Edit your dpfilelist

Enjoy :)


  1. eine sehr gute arbeit aber es fehlt noch was und wenn ich es einzeln rein mache dann geht es nicht ich kann immer noch nicht Scoreboard mit Replay Logo zusammen rein machen ich kann nur eins davon aktevieren bei DpFilelist, leute ich brauche eure hilfe, Ich möchte das mit denn Scoreboard verbinden bitte um hilfe danke schon mal in vorraus

  2. Hi: can you delete the TV logo of Canal+?…it´s better without it….and can you say me how to decompresse the Block to edit it (what software you use)..I use file explorer but i can´t do it..thanks
    The scoreboard is very good…thanks….

  3. The Tv logo he is very annoying for the view while you are playing…in the future cuold you make the Scoreboards with and without TV logos?..thanks again..

  4. No, I would like to add scoreboard + BBVA Spain League Replay logo together

    in DpFileList it does not work please

  5. Why no one tellling which tool r they using to make scoreboards people r so mean!!!!!!!!


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