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PES 2015 LED Adboard AIO by Kenshin Himura


PES 2015 LED Adboards All In One by Kenshin Himura

Features :

– Global adboard for Premier League
– Global adboard for Skybet Championship
– Global adboard for Ligue 1
– Global adboard for Ligue 2
– Global adboard for Serie A
– Global adboard for Serie B
– Global adboard for BBVA
– Global adboard for Liga Adelante
– Global adboard for Eredivisie
– Global adboard for Bundesliga
– Global adboard for Primeira Liga
– Global adboard for Brasileiro Série
– Global adboard for Other European Teams

Download PES 2015 LED Adboard AIO by Kenshin Himura

Special adboard :

– Manchester United
– Manchester City
– Paris Saint-Germain
– Liverpool
– Arsenal
– Chelsea
– Atletico Madrid
– Barcelona
– Real Madrid
– Benfica
– Bayern Munchen
– Inter Milan
– Ac Milan
– Borussia Dortmund
– As Roma
– Juventus
– adboard UCL digital style Knock-Out Stage
– adboard FiFA world Cup Russia 2018
– adboard digital to some team

– Fix Complete
– All Patches
– Compatible : Stadium Pack Estarlen_Silva v.2
– Include screenshot installation and tutorial



ulla maron
Grkn Design®
Adboard makers
Hang u
etc ..

Tools used :

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe after effect cs4
Scaleform VideoEncoder


  1. As Wolf can you upload that the cpk because i have the version ultimate adboard installed.
    But if i’ve install your .exe he erase the last cpk ?

  2. when u install that exe file, it will extract to cpk file. install at the other location n copy that cpk file to ur PES2015 folder. then use dpfilelist then edit ur list. just in case back up ur ultimate adboard cpk.

  3. When I start the game there is only black screen. I renamed the .cpk file, uninstalled the adboard pack and edited the dpfilelist.bin. Any idea what could be the problem?

  4. Follow my instruction…

    1) Just install to any folder you want its not important..default is pes2015/download/
    2) After finish downloading copy .cpk from Kenhin Hiruma to your default pes2015/download directory
    3) Finally uninstall the installed cpk from 1st steps..

    I think the uploader thinks that if you want the cpk only, you just need to rename the cpk, so when you uninstall the cpk.. the uninstall program will not touch the rename file..thats it…:)

  5. it because you makes mistake on editing dpfilelist.bin, use dplistgenerator by baris for better organizing…

  6. is it animated?? i mean the changing adboards is changed and ‘moving’ just like the real life?? may i have your explanation dear kenshin kimura??

  7. i have run the latest version of dpfilelist generator (1.4) by baris.but, still no anything appear but black screen.is it compatible with lagun patch? i mean the LED ardbord.cpk. because my game is now running with lagun patch.

  8. Do you know how to inject cpk files with baris generator? If you do it properly, theres no such problem. I`m also experience from black screen that cause from misconfiguration of cpk files but after do it properly, the black screen is gone.

    One more, have you edit any cpk files?if you do, never ever compress the cpk files, the black screen also cause from it.

    I make a post on how to apply cpk files with baris generator, here,http://www.pes-patch.com/2014/12/pes-2015-data-pack-2-00-released.html

    Please read post from Rex!!

  9. finally!!! many thanks, noob! fortunately, you remind me how to run the dpfilelist correctly.this is the basic thing actually.normally, i just run the software by clicking “uncheck all” then continue by clicking ” check all” and then click generate dpfilelist.bin. i do it everytime i wanna apply new cpk files. so far everything so good. i can now enjoy my game with real looking of the stadium. fantastic!!!! once again,thanks alot.

  10. i edited the dpfilelist.bin and set the .cpk file on top priority, now it is working. Amazing Adboards.
    Thank you #Kenshin Himura. :)

  11. Same for me, have to put cpk in bottom of file, so in top priority for it to work…

    Also, i have to disable a cpk named PEs2015 Skin texture mod v0.1 by KOH …Don’t know why …

  12. Saludos mi gente FUNCIONO!! logre hacerlo, como se explica en el tuto no lograba hacerlo arrancar ya que se quedaba en pantalla negra, lo que hice fue colocar el nombre del anterior adboard
    por supuesto se elimina el anterior y listo
    Para aquellos que no tienen el anterior, prueben esto instalen como dice el tuto, pero al llegar a la parte de cambiar el nombre copien el que les deje arriba y listo, espero que les funcione como a mi saludos

  13. Amigo muy buenas adboards pero por que en la liga master no me salen las que corresponden a cada equipo me salen unas diferentes ayudaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Sir kenshin the sponsor ad,,in the side of the goal post cant be seen in the 2nd season for master league like fly emerates of real madrid..


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