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PES 2015 fROYO Patch Rev.3 by laim


PES 2015 fROYO Patch Revision 3 by laim

Download PES2015 fROYO Patch Rev.3 by laim

You’ll get:

– Real names, emblems for all competition
– Full info and managers images for all european divisions
– All missing uniforms for National and European club teams
– All real players in National and Classic teams
– Improved Bundesliga
– Improved Boots, Gloves, Balls, Adboards
– Additional classic stadium
– Original optimization
– Compatible online
Data Pack 2.00 full support

Have a goood time!

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire

are registered in the DpFileList.bin

Big gratitude to everyone, who works hard, side by side
to give the best.
Thank YOU!


  1. Seems to be a great patch, but anytime I try to play online, I get “the match must end due to unforseen circumstances” o something pretty much like that after a minute or two! I’m not playing with the original version, maybe thats the problem?

  2. Adboards for champions, europa league, etc fixed, england kit fixed.
    pes galaxy has better faces but their logo leagues are messed in the premier league

  3. With this patch when you play friendly matches every time the match stops and it drops you. When you play tournaments every time it’s – “This match will be
    abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances”. This problem it’s for 2nd day, so it’s not server or internet faults.

  4. Пользуюсь патчами Froyo с первой части. В версии 1 отлично работал онлайн. Во 2 и 3 версиях, через несколько минут игры в онлайне вылетает постоянно. Жду фикс.

  5. Tried to rename dt80_200E.cpk to dt80_200A.cpk and updated the DpFileList as well but still the problem occurs

  6. why you didn’t add DLC 1.00 before all?
    you didn’t add DLC 1.00 at all.
    read description at the top/\

  7. Missing Teams

    Champions League

    Malmö FF

    Europa League

    D. Moskva
    Y. Boys
    S. Bucuresti
    D. Minsk

  8. Bonjour !

    Merci, pour tous vos efforts. Je suis enthousiasmé par le travail que vous avez effectué. Par la réactivité dont vous faites preuve.

    Un très très grand MERCI !..

    Votre obligé. Jean-Charles

  9. same arsenal error here, only dummys, but with real players in editor, but when i start master league, arsenal just have dummy players and their real players are on free transfer

  10. Is there any way I can add RON69s bootpack and ballpack along with Estarlen Silvas Stadiums? It seems to mess my game up when I create a new dp file…….

  11. Where are you, Laim? Release patches for us such as a transfer patch. We’re waitnig 4 u. You r the BEST.

  12. any update of your rev.3 patch planned?keep up the good work….very good patch…by the way..how to unlock secret teams?


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