1. why not ps4 version?are they going to treat pc version like pes 14 like shiit? and even the demo its not coming out on pc again i lost respect for konami

  2. Yes but we don’t know how pes2015 looks of the ps3.
    We can make us a picture how it want look.

  3. Its a joke and not a funny one, these “NEXT” Gen console are nothing more than Mid Ranged PCs yet Konami are going to stick real PCs with a PS3 version updated or not the PC version should be all of what these NG console versions are. I read the stats on these consoles the PS4 graphics is the chip that’s in a HD7870 with the Xbox1’s is a chip that in a HD7790 most Mid Range PCs are at least on a par with these consoles or greater.

    The cards these chips are from were launched in 2012, there is no excuse for the PC version not to be made the exact same as the PS4 Xbox1 versions with same engine and graphics.

    Or has Sony done a “Watch Dogs” deal with Konami not wanting the PC version to show up their new console ?

  4. yes sadly these fucking new consoles!!! sorry but this year looks great but i’m switching to fifa 15, konami showing disrespect towards pc gamers and again no demo for pc version !!!! that’s why people pirate games when a company doesn’t give a f….. about pc!!!


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