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PES 2015 Chantpack 2.0 (All in one) by Secun1972


[PES 2015 PC] New Chantpack 2.0 (All in one) by Secun1972 (WIP)

In the video I show an entire chant of FCB before could not, duration of the chant was limited.
Here the test with a new chant of FCB, duration: one minute and 14 seconds.

New features:
Each club will be included in the chantpack their chants with the original length, uncut.
The clubs will be the same of chantpack 1.6.

Release Date: 01/06/2015 (approximately)

(WIP) = Work in progress…

Special credits:
New CPK File Manager v1.6 by sxsxsx
Thank you very much Mr. Suat, fantastic.


  1. secun soy el que te pidio los nuevos cantos de boca queria saber si los vas a poner en el nuevo pack ue estas haciendo y mi otra pregunta es si van a durar mas los cantos gracias

  2. Si, pondré nuevos para Boca y sí, serán con la duración original del cántico, no hay límite de duración, pueden ser desde 10 segundos hasta 5 minutos si se quiere.

  3. Con duración original me refiero al cántico, si un cántico de Boca dura 2 minutos pues a eso me refiero con la duración original del cántico.

  4. PLease chants for S04 , Leverkusen all the team in Italy, France, England and if possibile all the teams in Bundesliga mod. Thank you Secun exceptional work as always.

    Hail Master secun

  5. Chants sound too loud and out of context. Strangely Barça’s anthem can be heard right after kick-off… or in any other moment of the match actually. Crowd don’t sing it quite often… just before the match. Use other chants instead to be more realistic.

  6. In the video I show just one example of the chant, in the chantpack 2.0 chants will be with the correct volume as in the other chanpacks.
    Out of context? the game chooses the random order.

  7. No se si esta en tus posibilidades incluir abucheos del publico y mas euforia de los inchas al anotar el gol su equipo….por lo menos una jugada mano a mano con el portero q el publico grite..cosas asi.

  8. Secun… te puedo pasar canticos para Univesitario de Perú… los tengo editados con buenas duraciones y calidad en mp3 y adx. Solo me gustaría que utilices los slots de Vasco da Gama y que son ocho! Me cuentas si es posible y cómo te los puedo hacer llegar :)

  9. muchisimas gracias¡¡¡ por casualidad haces marcadores? nadie todavia hizo el de la tv publica solo los europeos nada mas o al menos el de ESPN

  10. Hi Secun1972,can you make new chants Real Madrid,Barca,Bayern Munchen,Borussia Dortmund,Juventus,Inter Milan,Ac Milan,Manchester United,Man City,Chelsea,Liverpool,Arsenal and another Country ? :)

  11. People are very funny..sometimes!amazing..!!
    Dear secun1972 let us laugh together…!

  12. ferry its fraud i paid for this game and im forced to wait its not good enough

  13. What you have to do is stop bothering and have more respect for everyone.
    What do you think, I have a machine that makes me the chants as if they were fritters?
    This news is set to allow users to present their proposals.
    Release Date: 01/06/2015 (approximately).

  14. Let’s see gentlemen;
    The chantpack has more than 290 chants.
    I have to edit all chants with the correct length, so I set the release date within a month.
    Please be patient.
    I’ll be happy to hear your suggestions for improving the chantpack.

  15. secun1972,nao liga pra esses otarios ae nao. continue seu otimo trabalho e faça com calma para os chants sairem ok vlw brother.se possivel faz o chants do flamengo, sei q vc disse antes q nao era possivel,mas, se conseguir um jeito posta pra mim por favor vlw.

  16. I mean out of context, because if you choose the FC Barcelona Anthem as “a chant”, this is something that is going to be heard “during the game”. If you follow FC Barcelona in real life, you will notice that the anthem as a whole is sing only “just before the game” and rarely… very rarely in games. If you watched last UCL semi final, you could hear a little piece of the anthem in the final stages of the match, but just the final part of the anthem. A fragment that ends with the famous Barça, Barça Barça!! But not the whole song. That is why this chant feels not real in games because it almost never happens. Is better fill it with a more common Olele Olala ser del Barça es….




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