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PES 2015 Buko SweetFx Settings


Put all the files in your main pes dir. Make sure to enable Ambient Occlusion, Ansiotropic Filtering and 2x sparse grid supersampling via nvidia inspector.
If you can, use nvidia dsr or gedosato for downsampling as well.
Other mods used in the pics: rainy crowd by me, pitch by pesmonkey and pte patch.

PES 2015 Buko SweetFx Settings Download PES 2015 Buko SweetFx Settings PES Buko SweetFx Settings PES2015 Buko SweetFx Settings

That should be all you need to get the same result you see in the images.

Last thing, I made this sweetfx based on my TV. I have a calibrated movie setting running on it, so you may need to tweak the saturation level to match your monitor config…

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  1. el utilizar sweetfx consume mas recurso y si se te ralentiza probablemente es porque tu pc este al tope de su capacidad

  2. no i got high requirment on my laptop…but normally all people got the same problem in pes 2015 …sometimes during the match it become slow then fast then slow…this need a fix too.


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