1. Simply .. Open Your dt11.cpk With PES File Explorer And Import This Files And Save .. Enjoy :)

  2. Be in sport watermark should be more transparent without drop shadow and is squashed in size (width to thin) .. rest is great.

  3. so i must download first the tool? ( PES file explorer ) would u please give me the tutorial? thank’s.

  4. This Is Beta There Are Coming Version Soon Without Those Mistakes … Thanks For Your FeedBack

  5. You Must Download This “PES Next-Gen CPK FIle Manager v1.5 [APK Module] by sxsxsx” And Open dt11.cpk And Import Those Files …

  6. #Yudhis First Open CPK Manger And Press Load Cpk File And Choose dt11.cpk Then Click Any One Infront Of You To EnABLE Search Number And Tybe 225 You’ll Find Game2dPesenter Right Click And Import File From Pc And Choose My oNE Then Save CPK And Load It Again And Search Number Is 251 You’ll Find LicenseTexturepes Import My One Then Save .. ENJOY

  7. that’s what i’ve been waiting for, tarek.thank’s a lot and i’m so sorry to trouble you.


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