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PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.2


PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.2

FULL Bundesliga !

PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.2

With more of 200 PLAYERS CREATED ( realist faces, shoes, stats etc ) ! Believe me, given its content, you will not be disappointed! We are the first to have COMPLETED the Bundesliga ( ALL Bundes ! ) and it is a real little pride for me and my friends who helped me lead on something, which I hope will give you maximum enjoyment of the game and to !

Our Website => http://www.conkeraxpes.fr


This 0.2 version of Conkerax OF is a revolution compared to 0.1 v and contains :

=> ALL CONTENT of the Barclays Premiere League version 0.1 , but lot of shirts remastered IN HIGH QUALITY !

=> ALL CONTENT in Ligue 1 update:

Already in v0.1 – Transfers
Already in v0.1 – Plans games

NEW ON 0.2 – name stadiums,
– Numbers shirts updated
– Creation of missing players ( Romaric , Krasic , Puller , Audel , Mollo and others .. )

=> BIG NEWS ! Creating ALL BUNDESLIGA + Logo of the League ! < =

=> More than 150 players created in the Bundesliga with their actual measurements , age, foot favorites

– LOGOS of 18 Bundesliga teams
– ALL SHIRTS 2014 HOME , AWAY , GOALKEEPER of all the Bundesliga ( TOP quality HD logo on shirt )
– Transferts update
– Game Plans all teams championship
– Shirt Numbers
– Stadiums and names ! TOTAL !

=> ALL LOGOS ( emblems ) of all LEAGUES + CUPS in game (FA CUP , LIGA SAGRES , World Cup , etc. )

=> Faces of several players of Dortmund and Bunesliga in general => Weidenfeller , Bender, Aubameyang , Diego, Leitner, Elia , Di Santo, etc.

=> Morphology of each sufficiently realistic players , everyone is different, everyone have à “good” face !

=> Correction of False names Bundesliga Players !

=> Reviewer Statistics suffisaments realistic Players Create ( inspiration Football Manager (copyright) )

=> Different shoes for players

=> Adjust color jerseys Premier League ( thank you to Ruissau_de_joie )

=> Fixed player name Ligue 1: Khelifa -> Khalifa

=> Number of Naples and Real Madrid Updated with numbers , plan games, and Transfers

=> Creation of Michael Ballack in the end of “created players” menu


uploaded mega zippyshare mirrorcreator

I’m really happy to be able to get this version, lot of work, but i hope you love play with this, just for you !

–> The installation procedure is always the same : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTJXfXzOIwY

or ->

1 ) Download the OF Conkerax

2 ) Format your key on the xbox in mettrant configure manually, carefully choosing 512MB

3) Download the Horizon for Xbox software that is here , install it and open it :


4) Put your USB key formatted on your pc , the horizon will detect the software, you then take ALL the files from my patch you SLIDE the inside of your case with the key on Horizon

5) Once done, go back to your key , put it in your Xbox, you go to the folder of your key under ” Games” , and PES 2014 , you “Copy” (not move ) your DD the Bobox

6) And last step : Start the game and Enjoy!

For those who have mac , which therefore can not use Horizon , PM me for any other method on Facebook or Here !

Read the instructions to install it is very important.

IF YOU HAVE A MAC OR IF HORIZON NOT WORKING => You can download the “DATA METHOD” here ( file is bgger ) => https://mega.co.nz/#!Dso33ZzB!K4rU03ePPl0HStAdYGvR2X6zHqlggNOed-Od1DLexus

-> A video of gameplay in Bundesliga : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvOVBhQw_1M#t=33

-> Come follow us on Facebook for the patch https://www.facebook.com/conkeraxpes


-> If ever you feel like it, for all the work and hours spent above, you can donate with the address Paypal here : [email protected]

Conkerax, Pes patcher,

( files are copyright by conkerax )


  1. Merci beaucoup :D

    EHE91 => No , this version include the 0.1, no problem ;)

    Tom => On the game, on the menu “statitics” of your PES 2014

  2. A lot of faces looks ugly… ;/ worse than original Konami version. For example: Oliver Girud, Flamini and Per Mertesacker….

  3. There is NO statistic menu in my PES2014… is it need to be connect to the network or internet…

  4. hey i have a problem.
    patch work but i don’t have a players of bundesliga, strips and names of clubs looks awesome, but players are the original of PES14 ( max. 70 skil etc) please help me :)


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