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PES 2014 Real Eyes Tutorial by lostpfg


PES 2014 Real Eyes Tutorial by lostpfg

I made this tutorial because some users asked me how to replace the default KONAMI eyes with custom ones.

1-Extract the following files from dt33.cpk.

PES 2014 Real Eyes Tutorial

2-Add the files files you previously extracted to your player folder.

3-Open your face.xml(or face_edithair.xml) file and add the following line


4-Unzlib and replace the eyeHi.mtl code with the following one.


5-Now edit the eye_color.dds with your preferred image editor and make your new eye texture.

eyes pes 2014

!!Save your text always with a blank interpolated alpha channel

5-Now time to modify some of the remaining files we copied at step 2. Open eye_translucent_height.dds and eye_specular_roughness.dds and give them a blank alpha channel.(as we did with eye_color.dds)

Save always with interpolated alpha channel

6-Edit eye_color_sub.dds and give it a black text.Save it with no alpha channel.

7-Remaining files eye_normal.dds and eye_view_reflection.dds(used ingame with long ranged cameras), can be left untouched…

Note that expect eye_color.dds other files obviously need to be edited once. Then you can use them with every player you edit.



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