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PES 2014 Official Announcement Soon ?


PES 2014 Official Announcement Soon ?

The announcement of the PES series games is quite random since PES’s previous announcements were made in very different times, for example:

PES 2008 on 18/06/2007
PES 2009 on 23/06/2008
PES 2010 on 08/04/2009
PES 2011 on 04/05/2010
PES 2012 on 13/05/2011
PES 2013 on 18/04/2012
PES 2014 on …

EA will continue using the current generation of engine in FIFA 14 but Konami in PES 2014, will use a new engine based on the Fox Engine, a beautiful kickoff.

The community say that the announcement of PES 2014 would only be carried out during the Konami Pre-E3 Show and many news about the upcoming PES14 will be revealed there … can this be true ?

What do many non remembered that Konami is always “sticks to queue” in the major events of the games making known “Konami Pre-E3 Show” which is a warm up for E3 where the game will probably be announced along with some other news.

Konami Pre-E3 Show will be held on June 6, Thursday, at 19:00 CEST (18:00 in UK) and will be broadcast live on PES Magazine & GameSpot. We will keep you updated with latest pes 2014 news !

Meanwhile, check out our pes 2014 wishlist !


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