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PES 2014 in super HD by sniglet


PES 2014 in super HD – Welcome to downsampling

Downsampling is the concept of rendering a game at a higher resolution than your monitor can display and then scaling that large rendered image down to your monitor resolution.

Download PES 2014 in super HD

You need an ok gaming PC to make this work, as you’re rendering the game at a high resolution. As a guide my computer specs are:

– Intel Core i3 3.1ghz
– 8 GB RAM
– Nvidia Geforce 650ti Boost (2gb VRAM)
– Windows 7 Pro and PES 2014 installed to SSD

I can run the game at 60fps smoothly. Replays run slower, but not terrible.

What can it do for me?

Basically it improves image quality. Even without using anti-aliasing, you get smooth edges because the large render is scaled down to your monitor. Think of it like resizing a poor quality image in Photoshop. The more you reduce the size, the better it looks.

Here are a couple of examples at 200% zoom.


As you can see, there’s a huge difference in the sharpness of the goal net, better image quality on the kit texture and generally better aliased edges all over.

So how do I make this work?

First, exit PES 2014!

1. Go here: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?page_id=582

2. Download the .exe where it says “Download this executable”.

3. Install to c:\gedosato

4. Run GeDoSaToTool.exe as administrator

5. Under “Edit Settings” add the following under the other resolutions listed … renderResolution 2560×[email protected]

6. and while still in “Edit Settings” go to Compatibility Settings and change forceAlwaysDownsamplingRes false to true

7. These are the only settings that are required. You can go further down the “Edit Settings” code and switch on post-processing (SweetFX colour changes and effects) and try out whatever you want. Feel free to share your results in this thread.

8. The final thing you need to do in gedosato is add PES 2014. Go to the “Edit Whitelist” button and add the following to a new line at the bottom:

settings || settings.exe (PES 2014 etc.)
pes2014 || Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

9. Make sure gedosato is Activated (see button in bttom left of window – should be grey).

10. Open PES settings.exe

11. Your settings window will probably look strange, but you should still be able to select the new super resolution (e.g. 2560×1440). Press where the OK button should be.

12. Everything is set. Load up PES and enjoy.

Some more info here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=807472

Using at your own risk.


  1. It crashes for me and ive followed everything to a tea and installed the recommended dls that windows requires as well. I get to change settings with the wonky look you were talking about in the settings.exe but when i go to play the game it says “No “

  2. still doesnt work i switched to windowed then rest it to play in 1440 and and it still crashed


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