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PES 2014 File Loader Full by Jenkey1002


PES 2014 File Loader Full by Jenkey1002

New slider : Menu, cursor speed (fix)

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Change log version :

Updated plugin :
* Camera.dll : added camera setting Free kick, Corner kick, Penalty kick
* Speeder.dll : added menu speed setting – allows to change menu speed, gameplan cursor speed, etc …
Improve camera plugin performance
Updated Fileloader config supports new settings
Updated perfomance fix

Included some samples in “FileLoader\GDB\face\” please delete before using.

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Credit :
Chelsea kit by Mich6el & G-Style
2 arms mod by sxsxsx
hany3, Hawke

Example modified penalty kick (ini setting) :

Before :


After :



  1. please does anyone know how to install the file loader camera.ini to the game..i have tried all my possible best still no camera effect in the game..somebody should help pls….

  2. Jenkey i have one question about pes 14 !!! is it posible to be unlocked the coach mode for master league , because coach mode have but it’s only for exibition match , and i think there have also for master league but is locked ? Pls dude if you can to unlocked it or if you k’now how can be unlocked that pls let me k’now bro thx !!!

  3. I have the same problem like Yagami. When I copy it into the PES 2014 foldear and I start the game, The game crashes and I need to press close and exit the game and delete all files of this PES 2014 file loader and re-start again the game.

  4. Please!!! include this option for next version: Free sides selection (makes controllers move freely between sides). This options was inclueded on pes 2013 kitserver´s ALL versions!!!

  5. hi i am new to patching and know nothing about it and would like to know how to put a patch that can change the camera settings on pes 2014 for my pc. thanks


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