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PES 2014 File Loader Full by Jenkey1002


PES 2014 File Loader Full by Jenkey1002

New Plugin : Advanced Camera Setting

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Change log version :

Added new plugin :
– Camera.dll : with many advanced camera settings, included extra camera & goalkick camera
Updated plugin :
– Match.dll : match time changer now works in FL and other mode.
– Speeder.dll : added option for on/off crowd and 3d turf
Updated perfomance fix
Improved fileloader performance

Included some samples in “FileLoader\GDB\face\” please delete before using.

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  1. what about the gameplay ??? The camera, match time and all that stuff is not that important; first you can fix the gameplay and then the rest..
    Anyway…GREAT JOB !!! THANKS !!!

  2. anyone who knows how to make the 1st controller stay in the middle of sides select?im playing with my friends and its annoying that we al;ways have to choose who is the first controller, by exiting the game and going to setting, over and over. any help? please raply? thanks.

  3. Free sides selection please
    (makes controllers move freely between sides)

    PLEASE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Dannyo keep first controller at the left side also second at the left side. 3rd controller to the right side. Now the player with second left controller
    before game starts must go to the team setup tab and choose the
    coach mode : on
    have a nice game :)

  5. Dragan daj mi molim te reci što krivo radim. Tu piše da ne treba imati prethodne patch-eve da bi instalirao 2.2 patch. skinuo sam ga, instalirao, pokrenuo preko PESEDIT selectora i veli mi wrong disc inserted, zašto? HVALA (prvi put u životu instaliravam patch za igricu).


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