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PES 2014 File Loader Beta by Jenkey1002


PES 2014 File Loader Beta by Jenkey1002 – with FACELOADER !

download PES 2014 File Loader Beta by Jenkey1002

Change log version :

Added new plugin :
– Faceloader : manage face with GDB system, support extra playerID (in beta test state)
– Faceloader can work with folder has face only or hair only.
– There’s a example in FileloaderGDBface , it’ll assign Buffon face for Ronandinho, it’s for test only, please delete before using.
Added new option in kitloader
– back.number.spacing
– front.number.size
Added new option for performance fix : RAM buffer adjustment to get better performance. For changing, you can edit “speeder.ini” in Fileloader.
Update performance fix patch
Fixed minor bugs
Controller Vibration mod supports only Xbox360 Controller. If want to use vibration mod please use x360ce emulation before using

uploaded multiupload mirrorcreator zippyshare

* update *

PES2014 File Loader alpha code :

– Fixed memory leak in training & competition mode.
– Improve stability
– Kitloader now allows to use maximum 8 player kits & 8 GK kits



  1. Good job but, i don’t know why’i can’t move the slider of the “Sound effect volume” – do i do something wrong or that option is still in development ?

  2. It crashes all the time since version 1.0.4 no matter if I use standard PES 2014 version or Smoke Patch or PESedit… And PES 2014 is so bad that without FileLoader, the game is crap…


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