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PES 2014 DLC 3.0 Download


PES 2014 DLC 3.0 [ released 20 december ]

pes 2014 dlc3.0

1. – install game from dvd.
2. – install pes 2014 patch 1.06 (official update)
3. – copy DLC 2.0 files from here in C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download
4. – download DLC 3.0 from below and copy in same download folder, overwrite.

uploaded multiupload

or Full version DLC 3.0 :

1. – install game from dvd and update with pes 2014 patch 1.06.
2. – copy DLC files in C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download

uploaded uploaded uploaded uploaded
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  1. DLC Files are too big to make one file only. Unrar it and will get a folder… DLC 3.0 size is 1.28 GB.

  2. ok just ask small Q what the siz of dlc 3 ? i see up ther its 2 mb and u tll its 1.28gb?? and i have dlc 1 and 2 so???

  3. All these updates are crap!!! The game was way better before these crap! Now the game look totally diferente…the pixels are showing up!! I have a 10/10 graphic card for these game but these updates sent a great game down to prehistoric time…I will install it again and to hell with these stuppid updates!!! No good at all!

  4. DpFileList.bin dlc 3.0 contain:

    the upgrade from dlc 2.0 to dlc 3.0 missing:

    how I can get this file: pes 2014 patch 1.06 (official update) or Full version DLC 3.0 or pesedit.com patch2.1??

  5. I’d also like to get this file and know if files size of DLC3.00 upgrade differ from DLC3.00 full. I unfortunately have very slow connection so I can’t download the DLC again and PES14 download feature does not support resuming on my connection.

  6. This update is the worst of them all!!! All team players are acting like a bunch of stuppid 1 year old baby…the cant attack, pass, deffend…nothing!!! If you are the best pes player you will surely lose your game with this update ´cause you cant make you team to play football…they act like zombies!!! I just want to kick the sh… out of konami…!!!!

  7. I lost all the downloaded faces and kits after updated the version to 3.0….what should I do to re-install them?

    Is the Fileloader no longer support this new version so that the faces are not reflected in the game?????


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